Trump Supporter Family Attacked by Black Lives Matter Mob in DC

A Trump supporter family with young children pushing a stroller through Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House in Washington, D.C. was attacked by a mob of Black Lives Matter supporters, according to video posted to Twitter by the Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura. Police quickly intervened, however the terrified children could be heard screaming in the chaos.

It appears that a mixed race couple and their children were walking through Black Lives Matter on their way home from the day’s Million MAGA March. The man, who is white, and one of the couple’s daughters were walking ahead of the mother, who is black, and had a son in the stroller and a daughter walking with her who was covering her ears from the screams and bullhorn noises aimed at the family.

The mother had a bullhorn of her own and was using it to chastise the Black Lives Matter mob for harassing her children. One BLM protester walked up from behind, got in the mother’s face and swiped at her bullhorn. The man, holding a Don’t Tread on Me flag on a pole, intervened to get the woman away from his partner as the family kept trying to move away from the mob.

The woman came charging at the man, screaming as she did so and waving her arms. The man used the flag pole to giver her a gentle nudge in the belly to ward her off, but she kept charging. The man then used pole again to more forcefully push her back. The woman and a man with her then charged the man. This time he defensively whacked the charging man on the head and body with the flag pole as he tried to retreat with his daughter hiding behind him. The man and his daughter tumbled down in the street and hit a barrier for a wheel chair ramp. That’s when police intervened. (The video also shows the two antagonizers showing their bumps to the camera.)

The second video ends with the family walking away with a police officer accompanying them holding the Don’t Tread on Me flag.

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