Teen Vogue: ‘White Women Have to Answer For Backing Trump Again’

Teen Vogue has published an article demanding that “White women have to answer for backing the Republican nominee yet again.”

The Communist propaganda rag has become increasingly brazen in recent years, from pushing guides to anal sex for minors, encouraging them to get into sex work, and repeatedly defending, promoting, and hiring Antifa writers.

In the tantrum of an article, the writer Kaylen Ralph laments that 55% of white women voted for Trump — representing at least a two-point increase for this demographic since 2016. She said that the number “registered like a block of lead in my gut.”

“I’ve never taken my constitutional right to vote for granted, and as a white woman, there’s an inherent privilege in doing so. Depressingly enough, this is a privilege an apparent majority of white women seem to have wielded like a weapon for the second election in a row,” Ralph wrote.

The author wrote, like it was her personal diary, that Trump is a “one-term, impeached president who is the embodiment of white patriarchy, a system in which white women have always been protected at the cost of everyone else.”

White women voting for Trump, she asserted, was white privilege.

The author went on to celebrate the “women of color” that she believes pushed Biden over the edge.

“You can’t place a sticker over the harsh truth that this country must once again face up to — when given the choice, more than half of the white women in this country apparently opted to side with the devil they know rather than the women who were unfairly tasked, once again, with saving democracy,” she said.

The magazine for teenagers frequently pushes the boundaries of extremist politics and sexual degeneracy to minors.

In 2019, Teen Vogue faced backlash for an op-ed, titled ‘Why Sex Work is Real Work‘ from people across the political spectrum. Written by Tlaleng Mofokeng, founder of an organization called Nalane for Reproductive Justice, the article calls prostitution to be decriminalized and for children to “fund public campaigns to decrease stigma.”

“The clients who seek sex workers vary, and they’re not just men. The idea of purchasing intimacy and paying for the services can be affirming for many people who need human connection, friendship, and emotional support. Some people may have fantasies and kink preferences that they are able to fulfill with the services of a sex worker,” the article, aimed at children as young as 13, states.

The hyper-political and extremely far-left magazine also published a lengthy article in 2018 glorifying abortion and calling for colleges to offer the procedure on campuses.  One of the women featured described how she “wants the world to know how much relief and joy her ability to get an abortion has brought her.”

The magazine has also promoted an uncritical “Antifa explainer” which glorified the violent groups and explained to their young audience what they can also do “in their own lives to stop fascism.”

Teen Vogue additionally came under fire after they published a how-to explainer on having anal sex that originally did not even mention practicing safe sex or waiting until you’re older.

“This is anal 101, for teens, beginners and all inquisitive folk,” author Gigi Engle wrote in Teen Vogue’s “A Guide to Anal Sex.” The original version of the story included nothing about engaging in safe sex — but was later edited to urge their teenage readers to use condoms.

Teen Vogue defended the article by calling concerned parents “homophobic.”

“The backlash to this article is rooted in homophobia,” Phillip Picardi, the magazine’s digital editorial director, wrote on Twitter. “It’s also laced in arcane delusion about what it means to be a young person today.”

They republished the anal sex explainer again last Christmas.


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