Results For CA21 Come to a Halt as GOP Candidate Pulls Ahead! Elections Dept Suspends Canvassing Operations Until Nov. 21 Due to Covid

Well isn’t this interesting.

All eyes have been on California district 21 as Republican David Valadao and Democrat TJ Cox continue to battle in Fresno County a week after Election Day.

As soon as Republican congressional candidate David Valadao pulled ahead of Democrat Cox on Tuesday night, elections officials halted counting ballots due to “Covid-19 exposure.”

Kings County’s Elections Department announced they are suspending canvassing operations until Saturday, November 21st due to a COVID-19 exposure.

“The Kings County Elections Department will be temporarily closed due to a COVID-19 exposure. As a precautionary measure, all Election canvass operations will cease effective immediately,” Kings County said in a statement.

“The canvass activities will resume on Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 8:00 AM and will continue until the canvass is completed.” they added.

The last ballot dump out of CA21 put Republican Valadao ahead of Democrat Cox by 4,041 votes and just like that canvassing operations ceased!

California Republicans won several congressional seats this election cycle because President Trump carried the down ballot to victory.

Joe Biden did not get 75 million votes otherwise he would have carried down ballot Democrats to victory. Instead Democrats got shellacked.

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