Pelosi Visibly Irritated When Asked if She Takes Any Responsibility for the Loss of House Seats (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was visibly irritated Friday morning when a reporter asked her if she takes any responsibility for the loss of House seats.

The Democrats got shellacked in the House because Americans rejected their Marxism and calls for abolishing the police.

Furthermore, Joe Biden was such a lousy candidate that he didn’t carry the down ballot.

According to the fake polls and lying pundits, the Democrats were supposed to expand seats in the House under Pelosi’s leadership.

That didn’t happen.

Republicans have actually flipped several seats red and may flip a few more.

Nancy Pelosi will likely lose her reelection bid for House Speaker, according to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Pelosi knows this so she was not happy when a reporter reminded her that House Democrats took a huge loss this election cycle.

“Do you take any responsibility for the loss of House seats?” a reporter asked.

“I accept credit for winning the majority and holding the House,” Pelosi said with her arms up.


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