Ohio Gov. DeWine Announces Three-Week COVID Curfew

In an address to the state Tuesday afternoon, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) announced a three-week curfew effective Thursday that will run from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. in order to slow down transmission of the COVID-19 China coronavirus. Retail business will be ordered closed for those hours and residents should stay home. DeWine said Monday he does not want to order a statewide lockdown.

DeWine said the curfew will have “common sense” exemptions including for people going to work, the hospital, picking up or delivering food. Pharmacies and grocery stores would be exempt. In response to a reporter’s question DeWine said he will not close bars and restaurants for the duration of the curfew to see if that works.

Positive test results and hospitalizations have surged in Ohio in recent weeks. In addition to the curfew, DeWine’s administration has ordered restrictions on banquets and weddings. New daily cases have averaged between 7,000 and 8,000 the past week. Hospitalizations have gone from about 1,000 on October 13 to nearly 4,000 as of Tuesday. Patients in ICU care is at a record of near 900.

DeWine tweeted about the curfew and posted charts on the coronavirus surge in the state.

“We are issuing a curfew in Ohio that will start Thursday. This will run from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. for 21 days. We believe this will help reduce #COVID19 spread. I’m also asking each Ohioan every day to do at least one thing that reduces your contact with others. We are #InThisTogetherOhio. Each one of us will make a difference. If we can cut down contacts by 20-25 percent, this will make a difference. Paired with mask-wearing, this will go a long way from stopping our hospitals from being overrun….Exceptions: The curfew does not apply to those who need to be at work, those who have an emergency, or those who need medical care. The curfew is not intended to stop anyone from getting groceries, a carry-out/drive-thru meal, or delivery. A lot of this is common sense.”

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