MICHIGAN WITNESS and Former State Senator Witnessed Early Morning Ballot Dump of 61 Boxes at TCF Center (Video)

Trump lost Michigan because of Detroit’s ballots, and witness after witness describes a horror show of voter fraud at the TCF Center in Detroit.

Former State Senator Pat Colbeck was present to help count the vote in Detroit on election night and witnessed voter fraud that he described at length.

His long experience with campaigns and publishing on his site LetsFixStuff.org gives him the knowledge to know election law and election procedure, and what is improper procedure.

Colbeck says that there was no chain of custody on Detroit ballots!

Colbeck describes seeing evidence of double voting in Detroit!

Colbeck says he personally witnessed unsealed Detroit ballot boxes! Colbeck witnessed the 3:30am Biden Ballot Drop!

“None of the precincts balanced or were closed out, and yet they were able to report out the vote totals as they were counting,” Colbeck said, as he described a total breakdown of election security in Detroit.
This means that there was no security on Detroit ballots, and tampering with election results is very possible. The van filled with 61 boxes of absentee ballots has been witnessed by Colbeck, among many others. Still to the Michigan media, it is “unsubstantiated.”

Republicans were prevented from being accepted as poll workers, ensuring no one would be at the counting table to stop the steal. Republicans were then kept out as the Biden Ballot Drop votes were counted on Wednesday morning.

Colbeck also says he witnessed voting machines networked together, and were likely connected to the internet! Another huge security problem with the integrity of the Detroit vote.

When Colbeck asked Detroit Election officials if they were connected to the internet, he was told to simply trust the officials.

Colbeck is a witness in recently filed litigation alleging fraud in the Detroit election. In the suit, Colbeck and five others document their observations and described systemic problems with absentee ballots, including the allegation that poll workers illegally backdated ballots to ensure that they would be counted before the 8:00PM Tuesday deadline. 

The media is predictably trying to dismiss these observations by writing headlines that Republicans don’t understand how elections function


According to Colbeck he understands very well, but prefers legal elections and proper procedure.


VIEW THE ENTIRE STATEMENT HERE: https://youtu.be/w3hcC9oDH14


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