MARAUDING BLM GOONS Throw Liquor Bottles, Point Guns, Bust Windows, and Steal Flags from Trump Caravan — Video Shows Terrified Kids in a Truck as It was Attacked

Guest post by Jacob Engels

Marauding Black Lives Matter in Virginia tossed liquor bottles and flashed guns at the Trump caravan as it passed by Sunday in Richmond, Virginia.

350 vehicles turned out Sunday for the Trump MAGA Caravan and drove around and through Richmond, Virginia.

The Black Lives Matter goons flashed weapons, stole flags, threw liquor bottles and busted windows in the vehicles as they passed by in downtown Richmond.

Children were watching from a truck window as the BLM mob stole MAGA flags and chased the vehicles.

Mike Dickinson– organizer of the Trump Train and candidate for Richmond City Council, 1st District released this statement,

“Once again a peaceful event organized in support of President Trump is attacked by a lawless criminal BLM mob. It’s no coincidence that in Democrat cities across the United States lawlessness in criminal activity run wild. It is not surprising however that BLM engaged in this, knowing their history as a lawless violent organization. We need to prioritize classifying BLM and Antifa as terrorist groups so that we can unleash the full extent of the law on them.”

Mike told The Gateway Pundit the Black Lives Matter activists were throwing liquor bottles at cars as they drove by. And at least one Black Lives Matter activist flashed a gun at the passing vehicles. Several windows were broken in the attack.

The children in this video were absolutely terrified!

In a second video of the attack you can see BLM activists steal flag and then stab them through windows as Trump supporters drive by!

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