Globalist Elites at World Economic Forum Tell Public to Start Eating Weeds

“Let them eat cake” was just too nice. Now our elites want you to eat weeds instead.

Elites plan to solve global problems by starving you, not producing more.

Globalists want you to eat your yardwork.

They’re at it again. Globalists at the anti-American World Economic Forum are doing what they do best: Soviet-style degradation and humiliation of hard-working Americans who are made to feel guilty for enjoying a cheeseburger. Every day working class people are the only problem they see. 

The Forum recently featured 5 reasons why we should begin consuming wild plants to accommodate for global population growth 

The World Economic Forum is an organization whose stated goal is “improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.” Founded in 1971, its headquartered is in Geneva, Switzerland.

The strange diet plan comes from a recent virtual event hosted by the WEF, called Bold Actions for Food as a Force for Good. The WEF highlighted 5 main reasons that you should start grazing on some weeds:

  1. They’re easy to grow
  2. They can be rich in nutrients
  3. We need to diversify our diets
  4. They know more about the soil than we do
  5. They taste great

Recently, the World Economic Forum has become more common after announcing their plans for what they call: The Great Reset. John Kerry recently gave a presentation to the Forum praising the Great Reset.


Oddly the media keeps trying to convince the public that the “Great Reset” is just a ‘conspiracy theory’ and there’s nothing to see here. The NYT says it’s all ‘baseless.’

Many have scrutinized the WEF for attempting to further economic globalization and to make the planet one giant third-world country. They also research and publish ways to eliminate real meat from American diets and replace it with “alternatives.”

In that research, the World Economic Forum recommended making people eat fungus instead of beef, crickets instead of pork, and algae in place of chicken. 

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