Gateway Pundit Asks DOJ to Investigate Michigan Attorney General’s Suppression of Voter Fraud News

Michigan AG Dana Nessel sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to Big League Politics in order to get them to remove all stories, audio, and video related to #DetroitLeaks, the reporting by intrepid journalist Shane Trejo.

But now, The Gateway Pundit and its General Counsel is now demanding that the Department of Justice investigate Nessel and her violations of the first amendment in sending this letter.

#DetroitLeaks was the undercover expose that revealed that Detroit poll workers were being trained in how to get away with voter fraud by ejecting GOP Poll Challengers, and trained in how to destroy ballots.

In the audio recordings, if a voter says that there was a problem and someone illegally voted their absentee ballot, the official training told them to allow them to vote a provisional ballot while laughing that they would trash that ballot. The official training in Detroit was to tell poll workers that if someone was alleging voter fraud, to placate and gaslight them, and encourage them to cast a ballot they would put in the trash!

Nessel wants to cover this up. She demanded that Big League Politics take down the story. This is important because this is the suppression of evidence that there was a plan in place to fraud the vote in Detroit.

Trejo told the Gateway Pundit: “I am seeing a terror campaign to silence whistleblowers who saw voter fraud. Thousands of whistleblowers who saw the steal must not end up like Snowden and Assange. It’s so important to fight back against unconstitutional overreach.” Trejo himself saw the 3:30am Biden Ballot Dump as we reported earlier this week.

Big League Politics has taken down the #DetroitLeaks stories, and all the stories are either deleted or marked private. You can’t find the #DetroitLeaks articles anywhere. For now, Nessel has won and has successfully suppressed #DetroitLeaks All that exists is the PolitiFact takedown of the story, which aided and enabled its suppression.

But the #DetroitLeaks whistleblower has come forward exclusively to the Gateway Pundit and we will be sharing their sworn affidavit and video statement shortly.


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