FOX News Gets Slammed For Early Call For Joe Biden In Arizona

If you’re a fan of FOX News, you probably found their election night coverage disappointing at best, and outrageous at worst.

They waited hours to call Florida and Texas for Trump even though he was the clear winner. Meanwhile, they immediately called anything for Biden that was even remotely close to a win for him.

They also made a very early call for Biden in Arizona and many people are calling foul.

Variety reports:

Fox News Election Coverage Analysis: Network Gets Pushback for Early Call in Arizona

Fox News saw quite a bit of backlash for calling Arizona for Joe Biden on Tuesday night.

The Trump camp contested the call right away, saying that the number of outstanding votes in the southwestern state still gave the president a very real chance to win. Fox News’ Decision Desk stood by the decision, however, stating their statistical models put Trump three standard deviations away from winning.

Biden was projected to win Arizona at around 11:20 p.m. The state marked a major get for Biden according to Fox, with Hispanic voters in the state breaking heavily for him over Trump. According to Fox’s voter analysis, Arizona voters also stated that they felt Biden was better equipped to handle the pandemic.

At 7 p.m. ET as the first polls closed, the network called early wins for Biden in both Virginia and Vermont, both of which were expected to go for the former Vice President. Also unsurprisingly, President Donald Trump was projected to win the state of Kentucky. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace expressed surprise at how reliably blue Virginia has become in recent years, with the state once being a Republican stronghold.

Lots of people are talking about this on Twitter:

FOX News was a major disappointment.

FOX News is no longer what it used to be. Sad.


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