Democrat Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak Tests Positive For Covid-19

Gov. Steve Sisolak

Nevada’s Democrat Governor and mask Nazi Steve Sisolak announced Friday he tested positive for Covid-19.

Governor Sisolak said he is not experiencing any symptoms, however he felt fatigued earlier this week.

“As part of a regular testing protocol, I underwent routine COVID-19 testing on Friday, November 13 in Carson City. A rapid test provided a positive result. I also received a diagnostic PCR test and those results are pending at this time,” Sisolak said.

Sisolak said he will begin the quarantine process and used his positive test result to scare Nevadans into staying home.

“It was important to me to notify Nevadans as soon as possible of my positive COVID-19 test results. I am currently not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and I have returned to my residence to begin the quarantine and isolation process,” said Sisolak. “I want to thank the health officials who assisted me through this process. They serve as a strong reminder of how proud we should all be of our State’s public health workers. With my case, I want to underscore the importance of Nevadans to stay at home as much as they possibly can at this time.”

Recall, Governor Sisolak was caught on video in September having dinner in a Las Vegas restaurant while enjoying live music.

Sisolak banned concerts and live music due to ‘Coronavirus concerns.’

But he’s allowed to dine indoors with no mask and enjoy a live band.

Now he’s using his positive Covid test to scare Nevadans into staying home.