UPDATE: Cuomo Bails on Family: COVID Hypocrite: NY Gov. Cuomo to Have Thanksgiving With Elderly Mother and Two Daughters After Telling New Yorkers to Not Have Family Gatherings

After weeks of telling New Yorkers to stay home for Thanksgiving and to not hold family dinners with non-household members out of fears of spreading the COVID-19 China coronavirus and mandating a ten-person limit, the Emmy award winning Governor Andrew Cuomo is having his elderly mother and two of his daughters for Thanksgiving dinner in Albany. (UPDATE at end.)

Cuomo was mocked with a window sticker depicting him spying on Thanksgiving gatherings.

Cuomo mentioned his plans in an interview with the WAMC public radio network radio Monday afternoon that was reported on by local reporters and by the Daily Beast:

“It’s about life and death,” Cuomo said, before offering a story about his daughter crying to him on the phone about now having Thanksgiving together. “We are in a place now with bad synergy.”

Hours later, during an interview on WAMC, Cuomo admitted he was still having an in-person Thanksgiving despite his pleas for New Yorkers to stay home, stating he was spending the holiday with his 89-year old mother and two daughters in Albany.

“The story is, my mom is going to come up and two of my girls. But the plans change,” Cuomo said.

Just last week Cuomo publicly chided his mother for wanting to have a family Thanksgiving, “”No, you won’t be safe. It’s an illusion,” Cuomo says of even his mother suggesting his family could get together for Thanksgiving. “My advice on Thanksgiving: Don’t be a turkey.”

More Cuomo telling people to not host visiting family members for Thanksgiving.

Cuomo posted a visual telling New Yorkers they could kill their family members by holding a family Thanksgiving dinner.

Earlier Monday Cuomo humble-bragged about his third daughter not coming home for Thanksgiving, “My daughter isn’t coming to Thanksgiving. She is out of state and it’s safer not to travel. It’s hard. But I can’t think of a better gesture of love than to say, I’m making the tough choice to keep you & our family safe. We may be physically apart but we’re spiritually together”

And the daughter proudly posted about her tough decision.

UPDATE: Gov. Cuomo cancelled on his family, saying he would be too busy to see them on Thanksgiving Day. Via the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo abruptly canceled his Thanksgiving plans Monday, less than two hours after revealing he planned to spend the holiday with his mother and two of his daughters.

During a radio interview Monday around 3:45 p.m., Cuomo revealed his “current plan” for the holiday: His 89-year-old mother, Matilda, and two of his three daughters, Michaela and Cara, are planning on joining him in Albany.

…By 5:30 p.m., Cuomo nixed the gathering entirely.

In a statement, Cuomo senior adviser Rich Azzopardi noted Cuomo said his plans were subject to change.

“(G)iven the current circumstances with COVID, he will have to work through Thanksgiving and will not be seeing them,” Azzopardi said. “Don’t tell his mom — she doesn’t know yet.”

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