“Cancel Traditional Thanksgiving Plans” – Mayor Lori Lightfoot Tells Chicagoans Not to Gather with Family Members, Issues Stay-at-Home Advisory

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday issued a stay-at-home advisory effective Monday at 6:00 AM in response to “rising Covid-19 cases.”

Once again, far left tyrant Lori Lightfoot is using Covid to abuse Chicagoans with authoritarian lockdown orders.

Meanwhile, murders in Chicago have skyrocketed this year under Lightfoot’s ‘leadership.’

Lori Lightfoot told Chicagoans not to gather with family members.

This is pure Marxism.

Here’s a video of Lori Lightfoot from just a few days ago holding a “super spreader event”:

In April, Lori Lightfoot got a haircut after she locked down the The Windy City and lectured people about getting their hair done/

But Lightfoot is a typical far left elitist.

A week later a photo was released of Mayor Lightfoot getting her hair done.
It was essential.

Lightfoot defended her haircut saying, “I’m the public face of this city and you know, I’m a person who [takes] personal hygiene very seriously and I felt like I needed to have a haircut. So I got a haircut.”