Biden’s Lead in Arizona Cut to 12,828 After Latest Ballot Dump Favors President Trump

Joe Biden’s lead in Arizona took another hit on Wednesday after another ballot dump favored President Trump.

Biden’s lead is now down to 12,828.

There are approximately 40,000-45,000 ballots left to be counted in Arizona.

Yavapai county has tabulated 377 ballots in the presidential contest.
Biden: 86 (23%)
Trump: 285 (76%)

Biden now leads Trump in Arizona by 12,828 votes.

Maricopa County is expected to release another drop tonight after 7 PM local time.

On election night Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden while voters were still standing in line.

Richard Baris of the People’s Pundit explained Fox News’ decision to call Arizona for Biden during his post election day analysis.

Baris said Fox News deliberately called Arizona early for Joe Biden to pause the ballot counting in the Midwest.

Suddenly the counting stopped in Maricopa County, Arizona and Wisconsin and Michigan (and Pennsylvania) completely froze.

All of a sudden there are two massive ballot dumps in Wisconsin and Michigan for Joe Biden — the ballot dumps of over 200,000 ballots went 100% to Joe Biden.

Fox News giving Joe Biden a win in a swing state like Arizona made it more believable that he could also win Wisconsin and Michigan — Trump won all 3 states in 2016.

President Trump can win Arizona. Keep praying for President Trump.

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