BANANA REPUBLIC: Philadelphia Reports 8,000 Newly Counted Ballots 2 Weeks After Election Day – 85% For Joe Biden

Philadelphia late Monday night reported nearly 8,000 newly counted ballots two weeks after Election Day.

Surprise, surprise 85% of the newly counted ballots went to Joe Biden.

President Trump was up by nearly 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania on election night when crooked officials in Philadelphia and Pittsburg suspended counting.

Millions of ballots magically appeared after Election Day giving Joe Biden the lead.

This is a banana republic.

Here’s the breakdown of the illegal ballots:

Biden 6,628 (85%)
Trump 1,140 (14%)

Biden’s statewide PA lead now up to 72,379 votes (1.1%)

Trump’s lawyers will appear in federal court today seeking to prevent Pennsylvania from certifying the election results.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann, a Barack Obama appointee previously denied the Trump campaign’s new lawyer’s request for a delay.

Judge Brann said Trump’s lawyer must show up and “be prepared for argument and questioning” at the federal courthouse in Williamsport on Tuesday.

During an interview Tuesday on Fox Business, Rudy Giuliani claimed that the Pennsylvania case hinges on 700,000 ballots that “were counted surreptitiously.”

“Frankly, that is a case that we would like to see get to the Supreme Court,” Giuliani said.

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