Weirdo Protester Takes Mask Off to Whine About COVID Danger During Amy Coney Barrett Hearing (VIDEO)

A weirdo protester on Capitol Hill gave a speech on Tuesday morning about how holding the Amy Coney Barrett hearing now is “endangering lives” due to COVID — and ripped the mask off her face to do it.

Other protesters with the Revolutionary Communist Party passed around a microphone and spoke while pulling their masks away from their faces about the dangers of COVID.

The entire scene was like a Saturday Night Live skit, from back when the show was still kind of funny.

“They are endangering hundreds of lives by having this hearing right now,” a woman named Katherine said, after ripping her mask off and declaring the politicians a “COVID nightmare” and a “COVID hazard.”

Katherine claimed that she is a nurse who works at a “major healthcare center.”

Meanwhile, members of Refuse Fascism, a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party, passed around a microphone to also make claims that the hearings are endangering people because of the pandemic.

Several of the speakers pulled their masks away from their faces to speak into the microphone.


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