Trump Supporter Disrupts Bernie Sanders at Biden Drive-In Rally; Has Trump 2020 Flag Stolen by Reporter (Video)

A Trump-supporting woman was detained and removed by police for disrupting a speech by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan on Monday at a drive-in rally for the Joe Biden campaign that reportedly attracted nearly 200 cars. The woman walked through the socially distanced parked cars to the front of the stage and unfurled a large blue Trump flag right in front of Sanders, blocking the view of the pool video camera. The flag was held aloft by a strong breeze that perfectly lifted the flag so the TRUMP 2020 MAGA message could be easily seen.

Sanders’ mic was cut off while police and campaign staff dealt with the woman. After a tense standoff in which she refused to move and a couple efforts were made by Biden supporters to take down her flag, the woman was moved back a few feet by police to a nearby car. The woman sat down on the pavement and as she did a credentialed reporter with a long-lens camera stole her flag right out of her hands and walked off with it. Sanders’ mic came back on after that.

Screen images show credentialed reporter with long-lens camera ripping the flag from the woman and walking way carrying the pole upside down. The reporter’s Biden campaign rally credentials can be seen hanging in front of his white shirt as he walks off with the Trump flag.

Pool video:

Car video by Biden supporter:

Short video of flag theft by reporter:

Video by MLive taken after the flag was stolen. The reporter can be seen with his camera toward the end of the clip.

The Detroit News reported on the woman protester, identified as Genevieve Peters:

At the Warren car rally, the Vermont senator’s speech was disrupted by a supporter of President Trump and walked in front of the stage to wave a Trump 2020 flag. When college police confronted the woman, who identified herself as Genevieve Peters, she told the officer: “Don’t touch me” and accused Sanders of “lying about our president.”

Sanders’ mic was cut for a few moments and then restored. Peters’ flag was taken and she was removed from the parking lot but not before sitting on the ground and attempting to Facebook Live her encounter.

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