WATCH LIVE ON RSBN – President Trump’s MAGA Rally in Erie, Pennsylvania – Trump Plays Video of Biden Vowing to Ban Fracking!

President Trump is holding a MAGA rally Tuesday evening at 7 PM EDT in Erie, Pennsylvania after two massive rallies in Arizona on Monday.

Supporters lined up as far as the eye can see in rainy Erie, PA on Tuesday several hours ahead of the rally.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden called a lid for most of the week and is hiding in his Delaware basement.

President Trump is going into overdrive and working around the clock to earn votes with only two weeks to go until Election Day.

Biden is hiding from the public in order to avoid questions about Hunter Biden’s emails that reveal “Pop” Joe was making money selling his public office to communist China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

Update: Air Force One touched down at 7:28 PM EDT.