SICK: Young Trump Supporter Receives Box of Bloody Animal Parts in the Mail and Cryptic Note for Supporting President Trump – Believes It Is Hex From a Cult (VIDEO)

Trump supporter Jackson Alexander was sent a bloody box of animal guts and a threatening letter accusing him of posting racist, transphobic TikToks.

The box included bloody animal parts and photos of Joe Biden.

The sender then tells the Trump supporter to “hang up your KKK-esque facade.”

Here is a copy of the letter

Jackson Alexander (CuddyCamaro on Instagram) sent this comment to The Gateway Pundit minutes ago:

I woke up yesterday morning to my father bringing in a package that he found on our doorstep. He brought it inside my room and I started to open it until I saw red stains on the box and immediately went outside to fully open it safely. Once I opened it we saw the animal guts and a horrific odor came from the box.

Inside the box there was two distorted/mangled raw animal chucks with a bunch of blood, thumb tacks and four pictures of Joe Biden. There was also a cryptic letter that talked about how I was “racist, transphobic” and someone who “wears kkk” just because I made TikToks supporting Trump.

My parents, myself and many others believe it was an occultist hexing of some kind to basically scare me out of supporting Trump.

How awful.

Jackson Alexander — Cuddy Camaro

Jackson added:

I called the cops, they showed up and checked the neighbor’s cameras. They said the distorted animal meat was from a fresh raw chicken that was recently killed (probably for the hex gift). Nothing popped up on the cameras but the case is still open. They took the letter as evidence and gave me their patrol unit’s number in case anything more gruesome happens. I live in North Seattle and in my neighborhood there are TONS of pro-BLM signs with ZERO pro-Trump stuff so this definitely seems to be some sort of hate crime. The officers labeled it as a “politically-motivated bias hate crime”. Such a weird thing to happen!

How disgusting.
God protect Jackson.

Warning: Graphic video:

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*GRAPHIC* I don’t wanna even make a post about this but this is absolutely DISGUSTING. My dad came in my room and said “hey son here’s a package for ya” and I started to open it until I saw red stains all over the inside. Then I ran outside and opened it fully to see a bunch of animal guts attached with a written message and multiple blood-stained pictures of Joe Biden. This act is a hate crime against Trump supporters. This is what happens when you simply vocalize your support for the President in Seattle. This nation has a giant psycho-obsession/domestic terrorist problem and it’s being perpetuated by immature “never Trumpers” that won’t stop until this beautiful country is crumbled to the ground. Anyone who would do this is FAR from God. I can’t risk lunatics attempting to sabotage my family or my home any longer. Whoever did this, you better pray I don’t find out who you are. Scare tactics won’t work MF, it’s still Trump 2020 🇺🇸

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