Pollster Who Shows Trump Ahead Nationally Says Florida Is Almost Out of Reach for Biden – Trump is Doing Great

At a time and place where a far-left CNN Poll shows Obama crony Joe Biden ahead of President Trump by 11 points nationally, a  Democracy Institute poll over the weekend showed Trump winning nationally and in the Electoral College. 

We learned in 2016 and before (see Ann Coulter’s book Slander) that the Democrats use polls to manipulate elections.  We now know they lie and spy and create scandals in efforts to gain power.  Over the weekend one pollster, who’s apparently not part of the Democrat media complex, released numbers showing President Trump is ahead of Joe Biden nationally and in almost every category.  This poll appears to best reflect reality as we have measured attendance of supporters at events since Labor day for both parties and see with our own eyes that President Trump is filling up events around the country while Biden doesn’t even fill up the circle markers at his events wherever he goes.

Below are some notes from the Democracy Institute on the results of their analysis:

A Democracy Institute poll over the weekend showed Trump winning nationally and in the Electoral College. Patrick Basham of the Democracy Institute was interviewed about the results of his poll. The poll showed Trump winning nationally and in the Electoral College.

Basham from Democracy Institute shifted their polling from a 2-way to a 4-way race. He believes some are “parking their votes” with 3rd-party candidates. He senses some of these will move back to Trump or Biden, with more going to Trump. He also thinks more undecideds will go for Trump.

Basham believes in the “SHY TRUMP VOTER”: “The shy Trump voter is not only real it is larger than last time.”  Basham believes this is not just a rural voter under a haystack: “The shy Trump voter is much more likely to be in fact . . . an African American in an urban setting or a Suburban white woman.”

“Those are votes for Trump that if they come in are going to surprise people because they are the ones who are least expected to support him.”

There is even a shy Trump vote in MD-7 (Kim Klacik district) and Klacik is doing great in the race.

On YOUNGER VOTERS, Basham shared the following: “We believe . . . there are going to be significantly fewer younger voters. – We think there will be at least a million fewer votes from that group in total.”


New Hampshire is a mini-Minnesota which is turning Trump.  The war and peace issue is big in NH. NH and much of the country like Trump’s refusal to go to war.  Trump is “in very very good shape there [NH].”

Basham is confident Trump will win Florida but he can’t take FL for granted but, “Florida at the moment is bordering on comfortable for Trump.”

Basham believes Florida is getting beyond Biden’s grasp.  There will be a greater number of Trump Democrats in 2020.

Trump is leading in Minnesota and Pennsylvania as well.

The polls used by Democrats are garbage.  CNN is garbage.  Americans want the truth.  This is why they voted for President Trump and why they will do it again.

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