OUTRAGEOUS: Corrupt DC Judge Emmet Sullivan Delays General Flynn Case Again – Demands DOJ Sign Off on Evidence

The wholly corrupt judge in the General Flynn case, Judge Emmet Sullivan, has delayed Flynn’s right to a speedy trial and continues to abuse the General who the DOJ admitted a half a year ago was wrongfully prosecuted. 

While General Flynn endures years of Deep State prosecutorial abuse based on no crimes and made up crimes and deep state lies, others like Hunter Biden are allowed to walk freely after taking millions from foreign entities in shady deals while Barack Obama was President.

American general and war hero, General Michael Flynn obtained attorneys from Covington to represent him in the filing of a FARA form in December of 2016, shortly after the 2016 election. A few months later, General Flynn’s life was turned upside down and he eventually hired Covington again, but this time to represent him on charges being leveled against him by the Mueller gang. Eventually, the Covington lawyers working for the General coerced him to sign a guilty plea on charges he did not believe he was guilty of. He agreed to the plea in part because the Mueller gang was threatening his son.  The Mueller gang agreed with the Covington lawyers to not prosecute Flynn’s son on bogus charges if the General agreed to lying to the FBI.  It was all a set up.

After millions in legal fees, and untold negative stories in the MSM, General Flynn obtained new lawyers and the government finally released Brady documents showing he committed no crimes. The documents showed he was set up and the courts were lied to.

When this occurred General Flynn released an explanation for his actions and provided an idea of what he had endured over the past few years in a tweet.

That was in April. After four years of prosecutorial abuse, lying attorneys and agents in the government, a grotesque lying media and numerous claims of his sedition, the government came to the realization that there was no case against Flynn. He had done nothing wrong. But when his attorneys and the government approached the judge to end the case, the corrupt Judge Sullivan declined.

In the most disgusting investigation, set up, prosecution and kangaroo court in US history, General Flynn and his family wait for his release from his bogus case from the courts. Now today, Corrupt Judge Sullivan from the corrupt DC court has decided to prolong justice again.

The Hill reports:

Judge Emmet Sullivan gave the Department of Justice (DOJ) until Monday to attest to the evidence, which includes handwritten notes from former FBI agent Peter Strzok. He also ordered the prosecutors to provide the dates and authors for each filing as well as a transcription for each handwritten document.

Strzok’s attorney, Aitan Goelman, flagged the alterations in a letter to Sullivan late last month, saying that the DOJ had added dates to the documents and that at least one of them was inaccurate.

The DOJ told the court earlier this month that investigators reviewing the case had mistakenly included the dates on the documents that were submitted.

Strzok’s comments have nothing to do with Flynn’s innocence.  Strzok and others were behind the framing and set up of General Flynn and now Judge Sullivan is working with them in denying Flynn justice.

In the meantime, Hunter Biden and many others in and connected to the Obama Administration walk free. Although there were known crimes being committed by the Clinton Foundation, although Americans were spied on by the Obama Administration and raw data from the USA’s Intel Community were sent freely to outside organizations, nothing is done.

General Flynn’s lovely wife tweeted out her angst in September:

Our media and government agencies are corrupt.

Only President Donald Trump can address this and will address this. We know it because Biden ignores it and he’s part of it. Please continue your prayers for America and the Flynn family.


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