Oregon Man Receives Dead Friend’s Ballot In The Mail

A Gateway Pundit EXCLUSIVE story on yet another ballot covfefe in Oregon.

73 year old Richard Gonzalez succumbed to a variety of health complications on April 10th, 2020. The legally disabled military veteran lived out his final days in a nursing home near Portland, Oregon. So imagine the surprise when Gonzalez’s voter registration card showed up in the mail at his friend’s house in July of 2020, more than 3 months after Gonzalez passed.

His friend, who we will call “John” to preserve anonymity and protect from retaliation, thought “Well, this is odd. I received a voter registration confirmation postcard in the mail stating that they acknowledged that he had registered. Richard renewed his driver’s license about 10 months before he died. I would like to know how the voter registration department got his voter registration and affixed it to my address.”

The “mistake” might lie in Oregon’s much-maligned Motor Voter program, which automatically registers anyone to vote who does certain transactions at the DMV, such as updating a driver license.

“I was with him at the DMV, pushing him in a wheelchair,” John tells The Gateway Pundit. “I stood behind him when they did the paperwork. They never asked him anything about registering to vote, was never told he’d be registered, never told him he had the option to opt out. It would have been the only time he would have registered, because he’s Jehovah’s Witness. They don’t concern themselves with elections”

“About 2 weeks after he died, they locked up his bank accounts, so they know he’s in the system as dead. The VA had told them,” John further explains.

Here’s part of the death certificate, showing Gonzalez has, indeed, passed (note that we’ve redacted certain personal information):

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Yet here is his information, as a current and valid voter in Oregon’s voter registration system:

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Low and behold, John received Gonzalez’s ballot on October 15th:

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This is just the latest calamity in Oregon’s “mistake” plagued vote-by-mail system, which many democrats herald as the flagship example of how “safe and secure” vote-by-mail is.

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