Never Trumper Doxxes MAGA Nuns Seen at Trump Ohio Rally

The three sisters who captivated the Internet Saturday when they were seen seated directly behind President Trump at his rally in Circleville, Ohio were doxxed by a Trump hating former Republican who used a photo posted by this writer to track down the sisters online and post about what he found.

I posted the photo above to Twitter after the rally, captioned, “I met the nuns seated in the front row behind @POTUS @realDonaldTrump at the Circleville, Ohio rally. Their presence today much appreciated.”

Video clip of President Trump and the nuns:

After taking photos of them from the distant press riser during the rally it was a pleasant surprise to run into the nuns on the way out of the Circleville fairgrounds as they waited in a short line at the pizza stand. I spoke with the sisters for a few minutes and took some photos. They told me they are with the Children of Mary (two locations in Ohio) and handed me a devotional card.

I told them about a report that witches are planning to try to cast a spell on President Trump on Halloween. The nuns said they would pray for President Trump that day.

Later Saturday night a former Republican now never-Trump “resister”, Peter Vroom, used the photo I took to ID the nuns. With a nod and wink saying he would not name them, Vroom drew lines to match each nun in the photo I took with a photo from the Children of Mary website.

“The 3 nuns attending Trump’s rally in Ohio today are from the order of the Children of Mary in Cincinnati, OH. Here’s a comparison of their picture from the rally today without face masks and a picture from their website. I am not using their names.”

Peter Vroom’s Twitter bio reads, “Convergence CEO | Nat Trade Assoc CEO | Congressional Ch of Staff | NRCC Campaign School Director | Congressional Campaign Manager | Former Republican.#resister”

Responding to people outraged about his post, Vroom claimed he learned about the nuns from a Breitbart story that said the nuns are with the Children of Mary. But the Breitbart story didn’t name the sisters. Consumed with Trump hatred, Vroom sought to out the sisters by tracking them down online and drawing lines between photos to ID them for the Twitter mob.

“The Trumpists are riled up tonight after I confirmed a Breitbart story that identified the OH Trump rally nuns as real and not Halloween nuns, from the Children of Mary order. When I told them my source was Breitbart, a lot of wind went out of their sails.”

Vroom was triggered by the presence of the nuns behind Trump at the rally, calling it “bizarre and disgusting”:

Examples of the response to Vroom:

May God bless and protect the sisters of the Children of Mary.

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