MSNBC Hack and Russiagate Hoaxer Runs Cover For Joe Biden After Smoking Gun Emails Reveal Hunter Biden Introduced Burisma Official to Daddy Joe

Hunter Biden

Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon, via The New York Post dropped an October surprise on Joe Biden on Wednesday and the media hacks are scrambling to run cover for crooked Joe and his crackhead son Hunter.

The New York Post reported Wednesday that a laptop computer abandoned at a Delaware repair shop contains emails between Hunter Biden and a senior Burisma adviser that indicate Hunter Biden arranged a meeting between his father then-Vice President Joe Biden and the adviser in Washington, D.C. in 2015.

If the meeting took place as indicated, it would blow up Joe Biden’s claims he never discussed Hunter’s foreign business dealings with him and show that he helped Hunter use his position to enrich the Biden family.

A photo of Hunter Biden with a crack pipe in his mouth like a baby’s pacifier was also recovered from the hard drive.

Here’s Biden on video claiming he has “never spoken to [his] son about his overseas business dealings.”:

Joe has some explaining to do!

Instead of grilling Joe Biden on years of selling out his public office to enrich his family, the same media hacks who pushed the pee pee dossier are now running cover for Biden.

MSNBC hack, Kyle Griffin, one of the most vociferous Russiagate hoaxers in the media is telling everyone they shouldn’t share the New York Post’s report full of “disinformation.”

Watch out rubes, ‘President Trump was impeached for lying about Biden and Ukraine’ – warned Kyle Griffin.

Byron York said it perfectly…

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