Mom Walks Into Room Naked In Middle Of Her Young Son’s Zoom Call With Class [VIDEO]

Fear of contracting COVID has many schools offering online classes to their students. Many teachers and parents have argued that online teaching is a waste of everyone’s time and that kids need to get out of their homes and back into the classroom and around other kids.

It’s not always easy for parents to remember that their home is under constant surveillance while their kids sit in front of a camera on their laptops in the middle of the living room or kitchen. Most parents do their best to be quiet and give the kids as much privacy as possible, but there are always parents who like to be the center of attention. One mother, inadvertently made herself the center of attention when she walked into the room naked, as her little boy was in the middle of an online class.

Most parents don’t walk naked into a room with their young children, so it’s not surprising that Tayvion’s teacher was shocked when his mother appeared naked in front of the entire classroom!

From the <a href=””>Daily Mail-</a> A mother accidentally flashed her son’s Zoom class when she strolled into the frame of his live video call completely naked.

The 14-second clip that has been circulating online shows a young boy named Tayvion pointing at something behind him. A few seconds later, a woman who appears to be his mother walks into the room nude looking for something.

The teacher is in the middle of trying to get a sleeping student’s attention, but once she sees the woman naked, she switches gears and yells at Tayvion to turn his camera off.

‘Oh my God, who is that back there naked?’ she asks. ‘Turn your camera off, Tayvion!’

Once the mom realizes she has been caught on camera, she quickly runs away, leaving the teacher and students (at least the ones who were awake) in shock.


The Twitter account Young Simba shared the video on Sunday, writing: ‘Abolish Zoom classes man.’

The clip has been viewed more than 5.5 million times, and many people thought the footage, particularly the expression on the boy’s face, was hilarious.


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