Jonathan T. Gilliam: The Leftist Family Tree Of Sedition and Treason

Guest post by Jonathan T. Gilliam

If 2020 was a sporting event, it would be the bottom of the ninth inning in the final game of the World Series. Except the opposing team would all be clones of Mike Tyson, and we would be on the brink of a bench clearing brawl. In order to truly reflect on 2020, we would have to remove all the umpires except one, and he wouldn’t really get involved much (FBI and DOJ).

This is exactly where we find ourselves in 2020 as we enter into the final stages of the year and the lead up to the Presidential election. Politics is not business as usual, and the nation is closer to a civil war than it has been since the 1860’s. Yet as I travel around the nation, speaking and meeting with groups of concerned citizens, everywhere I visit, people are asking the same two questions: “How did we get to this point” and “What do we do now?”

While these may seem like two completely different questions, they are related by the fact that Leftists engaged in bullying this nation in an increasingly violent manner are largely going unchecked and We-The-People have allowed it to happen. We believed it was a movement that wouldn’t amount to anything substantial. It is all too clear that the Socialistic, Communist, Globalist movement is very substantial. In fact, if you do decide to stand your ground like the McCloskey’s did in St Louis, when a group of Black Lives Matter Marxists tore down a gate and entered their neighborhood, you could be charged with state felonies even though the attackers were led by an admitted Marxist who advocates for the overthrow of the nation’s government. Yet by todays DOJ standards, advocating for the overthrow of the nation just doesn’t seem to meet the guidelines anymore of treason and sedition conspiracy.

This brings us to this week’s social media censorship of Conservatives and all things that could injure Joe Biden’s bid for the Presidency. From the investigative perspective of a former FBI Special Agent, I can say there is clear evidence of a massive conspiracy that has been growing for years. This conspiracy is like a family tree of treason and sedition with different limbs, roots and a giant trunk that perform different tasks, all working towards the same political aim of the leftist takeover.

As this tree grows, each individual part of the family tree does what it does best: Organizers plan, direct, and acquire logistics and funding. Activists rally, riot, and protest. Big money donors ensure the funding flows seamlessly and that politicians are properly lobbied. Corrupt leftwing attorneys, prosecutors, and law enforcement executives all maneuver where needed to dominate the justice system and ensure planned destructive actions occur with total disregard for the Constitution or fear of prosecution of anyone involved in the conspiracy.

Media has taken on an increasingly overt role since 2016, acting as both an echo chamber and as a manufacturer of evidence that the Left uses to validate accusations they created themselves in order to sideline anything and anyone that opposes their ideology. Yet the trunk of this family tree is made up of what most people refer to as “The Swamp,” but as you can see now it’s actually not a swamp, but a long standing, well fertilized family tree. The political machine of Washington DC is the heart from which the blood flows, feeding and sustaining the entire tree, but its roots are deeply embedded into each State’s governments, all the way down to the local school boards where indoctrination of future Leftists begins.
Then you have your social media platforms and covert overwatchers and influencers who are ready at a moment’s notice to delete accounts such as my Instagram and Facebook that have been removed this past week for no reason except for having a conservative stance. It is the closest to Americans being held hostage since the British occupied this nation and forced allegiance to their King 240 years ago. And while everyone is up in arms about how Twitter and Facebook shut down a New York Post article about Hunter Biden, what is being missed is the cancelling of normal Conservative citizens from the Leftist-controlled social media platforms. People have lost all contact with childhood friends and family members, had their online businesses crushed, their ability to see different perspectives of news events squashed, all because they don’t conform to Marxist doctrine.

Ultimately, sadly, it is the free citizenry that continues to water and cultivate this evil, Leftist family tree. Some knowingly taking part and others allowing it to grow as a result of their own inaction. Regardless, what we are experiencing in this nation is in fact a violation of our First and Third Amendments as our speech is no longer free and the have quartered within our homes, phones, and daily lives, just like the British soldiers did in private homes. We have no choice and no Government that is willing to do what it takes to stop this Marxist invasion.

2021 is just around the corner, and I have a feeling that the bench clearing brawl I wrote about at the beginning of this editorial is just about to spill onto the field.

Jonathan Gilliam will be speaking in Albany, New York on Saturday.

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