History is Unerring, Redundant and Unforgiving: The Shocking Parallels of the 1917 Russian Bolshevik Revolution to 2020 US Leftist Rebellion

Guest post by John L. Kachelman, Jr.

A painting of Lenin addressing the crowd upon his return to Russia during the Russian Revolution. Museum of Political History.

History is unerring, redundant and unforgiving…

A number of troubling developments are highlighted by the general election on November 3, 2020. The Wisdom in Scripture states, “That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So, there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one might say, ‘See this, it is new’? Already it has existed for ages which were before us” (Ecclesiastes 1:9-10).

Although the Secularist bitterly rejects Inspiration’s truth, the truth remains a reality. The unfolding developments of the 2020 election offer a shocking illustration that “that which has been is that which will be.” This is an interesting study, but it portends grave trouble for our Republic. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this development is the nonchalance with which it is regarded. Today historical truths are given a shrug of indifference by some, alarms by others and a cunning smirk by those using history’s playbook for their insidious mission.

Lenin boasted that the Bolshevik coup was “easier than lifting a feather.” And he was correct! A sovereign nation, with the largest military in Europe and centuries of history was taken over with little bloodshed. This maneuver’s intrigue offered a format that would be imitated by other anarchists. Lenin’s Bolsheviks had compromised the State by compromising the military. Any real opposition was cunningly eliminated. So the coup was as easy as lifting a feather—there was no serious opposition to lift out of the way. The Bolsheviks simply stepped over the ruin and rubble and took possession of the palaces and homes of the “privileged.” And, they then purged those deemed “despictables” in the Revolution’s jaundiced judgment.

This singular observation is a clarion call to modern America to wake up and recognize the evil threatening our Republic’s existence.

The Bolsheviks “softened up” the population so that the coup would be embraced and resistance would be minimal. Their strategy was amazingly successful. Lenin took a number of negative issues facing the Russian population and wove them together in a masterful manipulation that resulted in the founding of the first communist nation and a commenced a worldwide reign of terrorism for the next 70 years.

Even though Lenin’s Bolshevik party lost the 1917 free election in Russia garnering only 23% of the vote, he rejected the election’s outcome and seized power. His concern was not for the people but for his ideology—he assumed the elitist persona that even today boasts that the State (the arrogant politicians) “knows better than the citizen what is needed.” With intrigue Lenin turned the devastating electoral defeat into a “mandate” for transformation.

Although multiple points were involved in this maneuver, one that has shockingly become apparent in the 2020 election in the USA is the way Lenin’s Bolsheviks compromised the Russian military. This presents the Machiavellian playbook for the takeover of a sovereign nation.

The three central figures (Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin) worked to compromise the command and control of an empire that comprised one-sixth of the terrestrial globe. Among the most critical actions on their to-do list was to neutralize the reality of the Russian Army. Russia had the largest army in Europe. The Army was the first-line of defense for the Russian Provisional Government that had replaced the Czar’s reign. Trotsky moved from “Foreign Commissar” to “War Commissar.” This position was formerly assigned to a committee but Trotsky, uncontested, assumed full powers. With the objective of overthrowing the Provisional Government the Bolsheviks initiated a plan for the armed forces of the country to support the Bolshevik position. The focus was on the Generals and command officers. These were treated to a “moral” preparation that presented one objective but hid Lenin’s true mission. Their commitment to “Mother Russia” was reoriented to focus on Lenin’s vision. The regiments of the Petrograd Garrison were either Bolshevik or wavering in the direction of the Bolsheviks. The Revolution was so successful in this intrigue that the final victory was by default. As Lenin boasted, the October coup was “easier than lifting a feather,” Not a single regiment rose to defend Russian democracy—the “free election” results were ignored. The former police force scattered, the Kerensky Government in Petrograd had practically no one other than the military students and the women’s battalions to oppose the detachments of armed workmen, soldiers and sailors under the command of Bolshevik revolutionists. In the months leading up to the actual coup there were provocations against the government—riots, demonstrations, provocative gunfire from windows and rooftops. Armed mob clashes without plan or clear purpose and many were killed and wounded occurred. There was the accidental half-seizure of the Tauride Palace (July 3-4, 1917 as an autonomous zone for the revolution). These actions stirred unrest and provided the basis for propaganda that would sway the population’s opinion against the Government and toward Lenin’s Bolsheviks. This propaganda campaign assured the population that the Bolsheviks would “save” the nation.

Toward the end of the preparatory exercises, there remained the problem of the Peter and Paul Fortress, still occupied by the Kronstadtites. According to Stalin: “The Central Committee delegated me to the Peter and Paul Fortress, where I managed to persuade the sailors present not to accept battle…As a representative of the Central Executive Committee I went to (the Commanding Officer) Kozmin. He was ready for battle…We persuaded him not to resort to armed force.”

What Communists would years later label the “Great October Socialist Revolution” was set to coincide with the opening of the Soviet Congress.  By then, Trotsky had guided the anarchy to its final act. Bolshevik troops, encountering no opposition, took over one key installation after another, then laid siege to the Provisional Government at the Winter Palace. Far into the night the Bolshevik troops waited for something to happen. Nothing happened, except for some rifle volleys and a few ineffective rounds from the Bolshevik-manned cruiser Aurora in the Neva River and from the old cannon of Peter and Paul fortress.

The end was anticlimactic. Bolshevik infiltrators cut off the palace lights and the defenders’ morale broke. They threw down their arms and surrendered. The coup had been virtually bloodless. It had been “easier than lifting a feather.”

The historic coup was decided between amazingly small forces on both sides in the provinces as well as in the two capital cities.

The Tormenting Parallels in 2020

History is unerring, redundant and unforgiving…

The November 3, 2020 General Election continues to share tormenting parallels with Lenin’s Bolsheviks in Russia 1917. Although there are many parallels between the two events, the compromise of the command and control of the United States military is appalling. Spanning the tenure of our President Donald Trump there have been a number of military personnel that have sought to sway the public’s opinion against the Administration. The MSM has paraded a long laundry list of Generals, and other ranking officers who are visibly presented in their dress uniforms. These are propagandized in their opposition to the President of the United States. This disrespectful parade is intended to disrespect the President and heighten evil’s anarchy. The military has even dared to sit visibly, vocally and insubordinately during the farcical impeachment hearings. These join the Democrats seeking a never-before-seen political putsch in the USA. These are presented not because of any real substantiated crime but merely because they harbor a bitter hatred for President Trump. It appears the DEMS/PROGRESSIVES/ANTIFA/BLM/NEVER TRUMPERS feel that if they produce a long list of military images they are justified in their anarchy. Such is only Lenin redressed in 2020 trappings!

Adding to this concern is an article in Big League Politics published 24 October 2020 with the by line of Shane Trejo. Read the article and be concerned when you place it within the context of 1917 Russia and the Bolshevik Revolution.

“An organization of attorneys, calling themselves The Orders Project, is effectively encouraging military personnel to refuse orders to keep peace in the streets following the election if left-wing ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorists lay waste to cities.”

Adding validity to this charge is the reported action of a Major in the National Guard. “Washington D.C. National Guard Major Adam DeMarco, a Democrat operative who ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate in Maryland in 2018, is exploiting his military bona fides to push his left-wing partisan agenda against President Trump with the help of the fake news media. He is complaining that the National Guard did too much to prevent rioting terrorists from spreading their orgy of destruction following the death of crackhead serial felon George Floyd in Minneapolis…‘I am in a position as a major in the U.S. Army National Guard where I can do something, and that’s why I decided to come forward,’ he added. DeMarco is a posterchild for The Orders Project, a left-wing lawfare group that is attempting to convince U.S. troops to stand down and allow the country to be decimated by anarchists who want President Trump removed from office following the election.”

As if he was listening to Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin, Eugene Lidell, director of The Orders Project states, “The first line of defense for people in the service who need some guidance should be the services themselves.” Do you hear what he is saying? The “first line” by which the military is to make decisions and order actions is to be from the military itself! Thus, the military decides its own agenda from command within the military.

Forget the law. Forget the elected officials. Forget the foundations upon which our Republic was established to prevent it being governed by a military Junta! The Orders Project is telling military to FORGET everything that makes our nation great.

This Provides Unsettling Similarities…

History is unerring, redundant and unforgiving…

Far too many reject history as a critical discipline. I am tired of hearing that those “old, antiquated facts” are “boring and not relevant” to today’s population. Such ignorance embraces the Bolshevik playbook and invites radical “transformation” in our nation. And…too few are speaking out and standing up for the Constitution and the common sense that guarantees our nation’s freedom!

Here are a few sobering similarities to consider…

The election was over and Lenin’s Party lost BUT he did not concede and upon defeat initiated a rebellion that had been incubating for years! That which had been planned was permitted to develop and spread without any restraint.

The compromise of the Russian military was uncontested. Instead of facing charges of insubordination and insurrection, the Generals and commanding officers retired from the fight! This showcased the audacity of their resistance in public but after their usefulness they were terminated in one of the largest military purges in history! Will the US Military allow such insubordination to be showcased and politicized?

The reality of the promised violence must not be ignored! The violence was announced. The violence was prepared. The violence was permitted.

The propaganda was cleverly disguised so that the Revolution’s objective was seized and the general population was blinded until it was too late!

The historicity of these facts is incontestable. History reveals the real motives of those seeking to steal the election of 2020 or seeking to stir violence and rioting after the election. There is neither concern for the population nor Republic. The only interest is the destructive objective of unadulterated anarchy!

We are reminded of Wisdom’s truism, “Nothing’s new under the sun.”

A fitting epilogue to the history of a bloodless coup reads: “Thus we’ve seen a return to social democratic strategies, first with the tepid ‘socialism’ of Bernie Sanders, more recently with the resuscitation of the Democratic Socialists of America. Voters in Europe figured out long ago the pointlessness of electing so-called socialists to over­ see a capitalist economy. The US, as usual, has failed to learn from others’ mistakes.”

America, history documents a historical bloodless coup in 1917 that changed the destiny of the world and multiplied misery, famine and ignited suffering on every continent of our sphere. The enchanting utopia presented by Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and the DEMS is a dream. In thew wake of the Bloodless Coup of 1917 we search for the promised hope. But as one looks under the mounds of corpses sacrificed to this evil ideology and as we thumb through endless pages accounting its brutal oppression, you cannot find even the slightest hope. All seeking the rewards of a bloodless coup find only ruin and degradation. It is an Elysium dream.

This is where the DEMS are leading our nation. Their inevitable end is validated by history and history is unerring, redundant and unforgiving…

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