Helpful Notes for President Trump’s Next Debate: His Many Accomplishments versus Biden’s Record of Failure and Corruption

President Trump will again be placed in a horrible position this week in the Presidential debate.  He will have to contend with the moderator, Lying Joe Biden and the far-left Presidential Debate Commission.  Here are some thoughts on the debate.


The fact that Joe Biden didn’t agree to a blood test or to being checked for an ear piece and that he wanted to take breaks every 30 minutes was never discussed in the last debate.  These could and perhaps should be brought up at the beginning of the debate by the President.  The average onlooker didn’t know these things but would be appalled to know Biden refused to do them.  It only leads to questions about Biden’s ethics which are perhaps the top issue in the debate.  Americans of both parties hate corruption.

As far as an ear piece, if Biden is using one, like was alluded to by the body language expert, then capturing these communications would be devastating.  If captured and released, the result would be the end of the Biden campaign.

Another item that should be addressed as soon as possible in the next debate is that the moderator is biased like the other two.  This will no doubt be passed over by the media, but Americans need to know this and many won’t unless this is shared at the next debate.

Yet perhaps the most important thing the the President could share with the American people is the challenge he has in sharing a stage with Joe Biden.  After the lies, spies, set ups, investigations, corrupt warrants and leaks to the press, the President has a right to be upset standing next to one of the key players involved in the coup attempt to have him removed from power.  Perhaps this can be shared at the beginning so Americans can understand the President’s frustration with sharing a stage with Biden.

Vice President Pence did a nice job of starting his discussions by noting that he’ll address the question but first addressing comments from Harris or the moderator.  He then addressed the important points and then answered the question.  The President will have to do this to address the many lies Biden will spit out before addressing any silly questions from the moderator.  President Trump may have to go off on his own throughout the debate and just share those items he knows need to be addressed while giving the questions asked a brief response.

The recent Hunter Biden emails should be discussed because the moderator and Biden will not discuss them.  The millions from the Ukraine and China and others are important topics, again, probably the most important topics.  The President may have to do this throughout the debate.

When confronting Biden the level of discourse should be at a very fundamental basis because most Americans don’t know much because the media won’t share it.  The Nobel peace prize nominations, the peace accords in the Middle East and the Balkans, the record setting economy, the greatest economic recovery in history currently happening, the destruction of evil ISIS, the story behind the elimination of the ISIS leader and the name of the operation, and almost everything are not known by casual observers because of the media’s horrible bias.  When noting these things the President could back them up by recommending Americans to go to the White or some other website for proof or more information.

When Biden lies, as he did the last debate constantly, the President should find a way to point this out.  The earlier in the debate the President does this the better.  He may have to do this throughout the debate.  Showing Biden is a liar is a good and easy winning strategy.

The economy and safety are two key topics and President Trump has a winning history and winning agenda for both, he just simply has to point this out.  But perhaps the corruption of the Obama Administration, which Biden was a key part of, is the most compelling topic to all Americans.  Most Americans want justice and adherence to the law which is why Biden/Obama corruption and the related BLM and Antifa riots are important to discuss.

Biden is going to blunder.  He always does.  When this happens, if the President could point this out using his terrific sense of humor, which would be devastating.

China Coronavirus

Initial Actions Taken to Protect the USA

In the beginning we had little information and plenty of concerns.

The coronavirus came out of China and we don’t know if it was intentional or not.  We do know that China’s economy was faltering after President Trump stood up to the CCP, his first three years in office.  There are reasons it could have been intentional.

China didn’t stop international flights but they did domestically and then they hoarded all the masks, etc around the world.

China’s actions were horrible but VP Biden has yet to recognize that China is responsible for this mess.  This may be because the Biden family took millions from China during the Obama years.

President Trump stopped flights from China early on and then stopped flights from Europe when the number of cases exploded there.  This was to protect the people in the US.

Then Dr. Fauci and Birx recommended the US shut down the economy to slow the spread so President Trump, based on thier recommendation suggested the US shut down for a period of time.  The doctors then requested President Trump prolong the initial shutdowns and so he did.  Then he turned this over to the states to handle it going forward.

At the same time President Trump put in place actions to make masks and ventilators in the US and this occurred soon thereafter.

Initial estimates were that the US was going to lose over 2 million lives and the US is currently at about 10% of that due to the President’s efforts.

Additional Actions Taken to Protect the USA

President Trump found out China was making much of the medicines used in the US after the Obama – Biden years so he put in place actions to change this.

The President previously put in place an act to allow experimental drugs for patients who need them and who are willing to take them.

The President also worked diligently with the producers of vaccines to get a vaccine in place as soon as safely able – the project was named ‘Project Warp Speed’ this may be as early as the end of October.  This work may have saved the President’s life.

The US also has other options for remedies like the ones the President took when in the hospital which worked for him.  This all happened over a period of a few months.

The President’s actions related to the China coronavirus

The White House has been very well protected – like a fortress.

No one can get near the President without having temperature checks, etc.

During the last debate there was a gentleman’s agreement to have all individuals at the debate confirmed for not having the coronavirus but no tests were done the day of the event due to time limitations.  Ironically, only the Republicans caught COVID.

Trump rallies are held outside and there has been no increase in cases as a result.  Democrats don’t care about riots or rioters not social distancing, not wearing masks and destroying America’s cities.  Democrats only care about rallies because no one is showing up for VP Biden and they are jealous and don’t want Americans to see the historic low level of enthusiasm for candidate Biden.

Democrat actions with the China coronavirus

They did nothing for months.  They actually initially encouraged their constituents to ignore the coronavirus and go about their own way.

They focused on their bogus and corrupt impeachment instead.

When they saw they could use the coronavirus as a means to control they went crazy with mandates for their constituents but not for them.  They forced mask wearing but Dr. Fauci, Pelosi, Nevada’s Governor and California Senator Feinstein have all been seen not wearing masks.

Democrats prevented Americans going to church but allowed casinos to stay open.  They prevented businesses from opening.  They still are shutting down businesses and keeping kids out of school which is insane based on the data we now have.

In New York the Democrat Governor Cuomo mandated that the elderly in New York with COVID be placed back in elderly homes which led to the worst COVID mortality ratios in the world.

Today the Democrat states have the highest unemployment numbers at above 10% while Republican ran states have unemployment below the national average.

Democrat states also have higher coronavirus deaths than Republican states by an almost 2 to 1 ratio.

Democrats managed to do this while taking their citizen’s rights away.

The China Coronavirus Today

Each death was a miscarriage of justice and China should be held accountable.

We now know the peak for the virus occurred in April.

Many of the deaths recorded today occurred in prior periods.

Only 6% of the deaths that occurred were solely related to the coronavirus, the remaining 94% of the deaths are related to mostly elderly individuals with on average 2.6 comorbidities.

Children have a higher probability of dying from lightening than from dying from this disease.  We need to get our kids back in school.

The mortality numbers for COVID-19 are now comparable to the flu due to the great work done by President Trump.

The Economy

Jobs and Unemployment

Under President Trump this country had its highest employment and lowest unemployment in 50 years.  In November unemployment was at record lows for minorities and women and overall at 3.5%.

The Stock Market

On February 28th, 2017, President Trump matched President Reagan’s 1987 record for the most continuous closing high trading days when the DOW reached a new high for its 12th day in a row!

Under President Trump the DOW set the record for the fastest 500 point increase between major milestones when it reached 26,000 on January 17th. It only took 6 days to increase 500 points from 25,500.  As a matter of fact, since President Trump’s election the DOW has set records for the fastest 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 point increases in the DOW’s history!

2017 was the best year ever for the DOW. It increased more points than ever in its history (4,956) and it reached more all-time highs (71) than any year in history!  This was until 2019 when the DOW increased even more than 2017.

Americans’401K’s are way up under President Trump.


Under President Trump the GDP increased to all time highs.  The US was and is the largest economy in the world.

Trade deals set the country in a fantastic direction and jobs started flowing back to America.

The Recovery

The media won’t tell you but this is the greatest recovery ever.  Never before has the stock market rebounded so much so quickly.  If not for Democrat states putting their constituents in economic purgatory using the China coronavirus as an excuse, the market would be even better.

Democrats hate President Trump more than they like this country and they are doing all they can to keep America in an economic funk despite red states making record rebounds.


Democrat Impeachment

This occurred after three years of illegally spying on Trump’s campaign and administration which led to the Mueller investigation.  After millions of dollars spent, the Mueller investigation ended with no crimes committed by the President.  The DOJ under John Durham is now looking into the crimes committed by the Obama Administration in conjuring up the entire Trump-Russia collusion tale.

Never before has a rabid Congress led by a Party other than the President’s, impeached a President in their first term of a Presidency.  In all prior Presidencies if you didn’t like a President you worked hard to beat him in the next election.

The President did nothing wrong but Joe Biden did in the Ukraine.  There is a video showing Biden bragging about getting the prosecutor removed in the Ukraine who was looking into the firm where his son was on the Board with no credentials other than he was Joe Biden’s son.  (What father brings his son into corrupt deals overseas that hurt the country?)  Biden told the Ukraine they would not get $1 billion from the US as promised unless they removed the prosecutor looking into his son’s firm.

They impeached Trump for the Biden family crimes.

The reason we know it’s corrupt is because Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the Democrats to this day have kept hidden in their secret chamber in the basement of the capital the testimony of one person – the former ICIG who was also responsible for signing off on FISA applications for Obama that we now know were fraudulent.  The former ICIG’s testimony will show the entire Democrat impeachment was a sham based on lies and a coverup.

There were no crimes and therefore the Senate voted to acquit.


Democrats are for free choice only with abortion – they don’t want free speech, they don’t want the freedom to own a bear arms, they don’t want freedom of religion as they showed during the coronavirus shutdowns in the Democrat states.

The Democrats are ok with killing innocent babies up to the moment before they are born, including infanticide for those babies who might survive their late term abortions as was recently argued by the Virginia Governor who wore blackface or a KKK hat in his younger years  – this has actually been established in New York.  Democrats call this the freedom of choice which ignores the choice of babies to live their lives.

The Media

President Trump has done more than any President ever to point out the extreme media bias in the US today.  Most Americans now know that the media is fake news and is even considered more biased than Pravda.

The Polls and Momentum

The polls appear to be more biased than in 2016.  There are some polls that show the President leading but others that give Biden a huge lead.

Clearly based on momentum, President Trump is going to crush Biden/Obama in the election, even with Democrat voter fraud.

The President is in the right in every single category to be debated.  He has nothing to fear and a majority of Americans behind him.

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