Google Searches for ‘Can I Change My Vote’ Spike Following Hunter Biden Sex Tape Release

Searches for “can I change my vote” surged on Sunday evening following the bombshell sex tape and email leaks from Hunter Biden’s laptop, including in the crucial swing state Pennsylvania.

While Google Trends does not provide the exact number of searches, they index them on a scale of 1-100 based on the number of searches above the average.

When looking at interest by region, Utah, Idaho and Pennsylvania had the most searches, respectively, followed by New Mexico, Michigan, Arizona, Missouri, Nevada, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Searches for “Hunter Biden China” surged at the same time.

Interest in people changing their votes surged just before 11 p.m., as Hunter Biden’s laptop contents began to go viral. They included sex tapes, elicit photos, footage of him smoking crack with what appears to be prostitutes, and more.

There were also emails that appear to point to corruption with his father, Joe Biden, and an effort by Hunter Biden to avoid having to register as a foreign agent for his dealings with China.


Searches about changing votes also surged following the final presidential debate, when Biden said that he would seek to eliminate the oil industry as president.

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Mississippi do allow voters to change their votes after early voting.

Wisconsin: voters who voted early in person can recast their ballot as long as they do so by Saturday, October 31st. The deadline for absentee varies by city. People who wish to change their vote should contact their city clerk for more information.

Minnesota: absentee voters can change their votes up to a week before the election.

Michigan: absentee voters can change their ballots if they have not yet been processed and tabulated. Those who wish to change their ballot should contact their city clerk within a few days of the election.

Pennsylvania; New York; Connecticut; and Mississippi: Contact your city clerk to change your vote.


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