“I Don’t Know What I’ll Do!” – Biden Stunned After Trump Announces He Will Not Participate in Virtual Debate, Hold Rally Instead (VIDEO)

The Commission on Presidential Debates changed the format for the next debate without consulting President Trump.

It is no coincidence that the debate format was changed the morning after Mike Pence utterly destroyed Kamala Harris in the vice presidential debate.

The President announced he will not participate in a virtual debate.

President Trump accused the Commission is trying to help Joe Biden by announcing a virtual debate format.

Biden will be in the comfort of his basement with his teleprompter, ear piece and handlers buzzing around giving him talking points.

Trump said he will hold a rally instead.

Joe Biden on Thursday morning said he has no idea what he’ll do if Trump holds a rally instead of participating in a virtual debate.

“We don’t know what the president’s gonna do; he changes his mind every second,” Biden said.

“I’m gonna follow the Commission’s recommendations. If he goes off and he’s gonna have a rally I don’t what I’ll do!” he said throwing his arms in the air.

Biden knows he can’t hold a rally because no one will show up!



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