DEEP STATE FEAR: Former FBI GC James Baker’s Notes Released Yesterday Confirm General Flynn’s Innocence – May Also Indicate Baker Has Flipped

Although it was the first time we saw the notes from former General Counsel for the FBI James Baker yesterday, and although they were shocking in nature, the fact that we saw them may confirm that Baker has flipped and is working with Durham in his Deep State investigation of the Russia Hoax.

James Baker appeared on Capitol Hill in October of 2018 for the second time to testify about Rod Rosenstein’s plan to wear a wire and and the use of FISA warrants to oust President Trump from office.

Rep. Meadows emerged from the testimony and called for Rosenstein to “resign immediately.”

Based on additional information we’ve learned over the last week, it is clear Rod Rosenstein should resign immediately,” Meadows said to reporters.

James Baker told Congressional investigators that Rosenstein’s plot to wear a wire and oust Trump from office was not a joke as the DAG claimed.

In late April this year in a weekly radio interview with Howie Carr, former US Attorney Joe DiGenova reported on notes that were released that show the government was actively working to frame General Flynn:

DiGenova: You know Baker is now working with Durham.  James Baker the former General Counsel.

Carr: He’s flipped?

DiGenova: Who was a target, is now understandably cooperating because he was looking at a boat load of criminal charges.  Once these notes were discovered, and by the way, these were the notes that [FBI Director] Chris Wray and Dana Boente did not want turned over.

Yesterday, Baker’s notes related to a meeting with top FBI Obama holdovers were released.  Baker asked in his notes, how can you assess a false statement charge on General Flynn when there was no underlying crime?

Baker also wrote that they never allowed Flynn to clarify himself, but instead they just charged him with lying.

Of course General Flynn never lied.  Of course he was spied on.  Of course he was set up.  The judge in the case won’t throw out his case because the judge is very corrupt.  The judge should be impeached and indicted for sedition, if nothing else.  What he is doing to Flynn now is more than an injustice, it’s a crime.

The release of documents yesterday, provide more evidence that General Flynn is innocent but they also indicate former GC of the FBI, James Baker, may indeed be working with Durham, slow as it may be, as was reported in April by Joe DiGenova.

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