Dan Bongino Has Hilarious Message For “A**hole Who Stole My 2 Trump Signs”

Stolen or destroyed Trump signs are a commonplace occurrence in many cities and rural towns across America. This Michigan mom with Democrat “blue wave” emoji’s around her name, bragged about her son stealing Trump signs and throwing in them in the family burn pit on Twitter:

Last week, an elderly man donated a handmade Trump sign to the home of Women For Trump National Advisory Board member, Meshawn Maddock, and her husband, State Representative Matt Maddock (R-MI). 100 Percent Fed Up reports – Only two days after their homemade sign was placed in their front yard, the couple woke up to discover that someone had destroyed it with a baseball bat.

Matt and Meshawn, two of the hardest working conservatives in Michigan, are used to having Trump signs vandalized in front of their home in a rural Michigan town. Instead of getting angry, they shared photos of virtue-signaling signs frequently found in the front yard of liberals, including a sign promoting Matt’s Democrat opponent, Denise Forrest. The virtue-signaling signs, that are frequently found in the front yards of Democrats, are a great example of the hypocrisy of liberals, who claim to possess characteristics like, “civility, respect, and kindness,” and then take a baseball bat to someone else’s personal property because they can’t accept that anyone might have a viewpoint that doesn’t align with theirs.


Former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino, who regularly appears as a guest on Fox News, posted a hilarious message to the person or people who stole his Trump signs, giving them fair warning about what would happen if they steal his signs again.


…And that is how positive, good-natured Trump supporters deal with nasty, the laws don’t apply to me liberals—with humor.


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