CRINGE: Biden Looks Fragile as He ‘Jogs’ to Podium, Screams at Parking Lot with Few Dozen Honking Cars at Iowa State Fairgrounds (VIDEO)

Joe Biden traveled to Iowa on Friday for a drive-in rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.

Recall, Joe Biden came in 4th place in the Iowa Caucuses earlier this year.

Not one reporter has ambushed Joe Biden and asked him about his son Hunter who is currently under FBI investigation for money laundering.

Joe Biden might actually be under FBI investigation as well, but the media is purposely ignoring the story.

Biden ‘jogged’ to the podium in an attempt to look spry.


Biden was completely unhinged and screamed to a parking lot with honking cars.


Hats off to these Trump supporters who greeted Joe Biden in Iowa today!


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