This Is CNN: Chris Cuomo Coldly Says on Air He Wants to Choke, Punch His Critics at Fox News

CNN Prime Time anchor Chris Cuomo coldly said on air Tuesday night he wants to violently hurt his critics at the Fox News Channel, saying he wants to put them in a “naked choke” hold and “punch them in the sternum.”

Cuomo was talking with Don Lemon during the change of programs at the 10 p.m. Eastern hour. Lemon was trying to explain away the lack of yard signs for Joe Biden compared to Trump signs being seen all around the country by saying that Biden supporters were ignoring President Trump. Odd reasoning, but this is Don Lemon.

When Lemon set up the idea of ignoring critics who annoy you like “state TV”, (CNN’s slur for Fox News), Cuomo coldly replied, “Naked choke.”

Lemon interjected and said, “No, just ignore them.”

Cuomo ignored Lemon and followed with, “Punch them in the sternum.”

Lemon ignored Cuomo’s violent comments and carried on with his theme of ignoring Trump without cautioning Cuomo.

The common term for the attack described by Cuomo is a “rear naked choke”, as described by Wikipedia: “The rear naked choke (RNC) is a chokehold in martial arts applied from an opponent’s back. The word “naked” in this context suggests that, unlike other strangulation techniques found in Jujutsu/Judo, this hold does not require the use of a keikogi (“gi”) or training uniform. The choke has two variations:[1] in one version, the attacker’s arm encircles the opponent’s neck and then grabs their own biceps on the other arm (see below for details); in the second version, the attacker clasps their hands together instead after encircling the opponent’s neck.[2]”

Screen image via Bas Rutten/YouTube.

As explained by Bas Rutten the purpose of the rear naked choke is to cut off the blood supply to the head.

CNN transcript (rush transcript incorrectly has Cuomo saying “make a joke”.)

CUOMO: Got to watch. You don’t have to be a pro to know that the last four weeks will matter the most, and we’ll be watching. Harry Enten, Philip Bump, great to see you both. Looking well. God bless. That’s all for us. Best part of the night, “CNN TONIGHT” with the man, D. Lemon right now.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: You know it’s different. There are a couple things that are different that people aren’t taking into account.

CUOMO: Do tell.

LEMON: Joe Biden is not Hillary Clinton. People — you know, this isn’t me — I’m not saying I don’t like Hillary Clinton, but people, she did not have high favorability ratings. Joe Biden’s favorability ratings are higher.

As you so rightly pointed out, now this president, it’s not just aspiration. He has a record, right, that he’s run on and that he — most of the time continues to run into the ground. And I think that people talking about the silent majority — you say, you know, you don’t see the lawn signs or whatever.

I think that people feel that they don’t have to put up lawn signs and do all those signs because the lawn sign is Trump out every day giving misinformation. And when someone — after someone annoys you for a while, you know, you have your detractors, Chris, many of them on state television like I do. What’s the best way to handle it? You just ignore it.

CUOMO: Make a joke. (sic, “naked punch”)

LEMON: Just — no. Just ignore them.

CUOMO: Punch them in the sternum?

LEMON: That people when you ignore people, that is the worst thing that you can do to anyone. So, I think that people are sick of — quite frankly, sick of us talking about Trump every single night, leading with him — you know, it’s the bulk of our show. People are tired of it and they’re tired of his antics and I think there’s a silent majority who are just going to say you know what? I’m done.

And they’re not yelling and screaming, they’re not ripping their masks off. They’re not yelling at people to wear masks. It quite frankly, most of them aren’t the young people who are out there on the streets, although they’re upset —

CUOMO: Right.

The conversation between Cuomo and Lemon went on a bit more with no remonstration by Lemon about Cuomo’s violent talk.

Cuomo was likely triggered by a segment by Fox News host Tucker Carlson who aired a segment in the hour before Cuomo’s show Tuesday night that exposed Cuomo’s mask hypocrisy by showing photos of Cuomo at a bar without a mask on.

Video clip by the Media Research Center – Newsbusters.

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