Biden Gets Testy with Reporter When Asked About His Relaxed Schedule, “There’s Not Been a Day That Hasn’t Been a 12-Hour Day Yet” (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden crawled out of his basement and traveled to Chester, Pennsylvania for an impromptu campaign event.

Biden had nothing on his schedule today and after getting hammered by the Trump campaign for hiding in his basement, old Joe decided to venture out with 8 days until Election Day.

One reporter decided to ask Biden about his “light public schedule” with just 8 days to go until Election Day.

Biden called a lid pretty much everyday last week and hid in his basement most of the weekend so he became annoyed when the reporter pointed out he’s hiding from the public.

‘I just told you where I was going to be traveling and by the way, I’ve traveled the last few days too!” Biden said visibly irritated with the question.

“We’re constantly — there has not been a day that hasn’t been a 12-hour day yet.”

Sure, Joe. Sure.


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