Biden Claims “Extremist White Supremacy Groups” Are “Menacing Our Communities” as BLM-Antifa Marxists Loot Businesses, Burn Cities to the Ground (VIDEO)

Joe Biden traveled to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on Tuesday to call for unity.

He did just the opposite.

Biden gave a very dark and divisive speech.

At one point, Biden claimed “white supremacists are menacing our communities.”

Black Lives Matter Marxists and Antifa domestic terrorists (which Biden referred to as an “idea”) have been rioting and looting virtually nonstop for several months.

But Biden is blaming violence on “white supremacists.”


Black Lives Matter Marxists have been terrorizing white people and roving into residential neighborhoods for months.

Young mother clutches her baby in fear as BLM screams at outdoor diners in San Diego, CA

BLM Marxist screams at an elderly white couple then steals their drink off their table

BLM-Antifa surround white woman and force her to raise a black power fist

BLM terrorists rove into residential neighborhood in Georgetown in the middle of the night screaming at residents to wake up

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