Weissmann Lashes Out at Robert Mueller and Fellow Russia Probe Lawyers in New Book, Says Mueller Let the American People Down

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “pitbull” Andrew Weissmann lashed out at his ‘former boss’ and fellow Russia probe lawyers in a new book.

Mueller’s top deputy Andrew Weissmann lashed out at Mueller in his new book titled, Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation.

Weissmann’s new book is essentially an extension of the 2-and-a-half year inquisition that ended in a ball of flames after Mueller and his team of Democrats were unable to pin a crime on President Trump.

Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel by DAG Rod Rosenstein in May of 2017 after fired FBI Director James Comey leaked contents of his classified memos memorializing conversations with President Trump to the New York Times.

Rosenstein cited Hillary Clinton’s fake dossier in his scope memo authorizing Mueller to rove around unchecked for more than 2 years in his Trump-Russia probe.

Weissmann ran the show and was given tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to take out President Trump and he still failed. Now he’s blaming everyone else for his failure.

Via The Atlantic:

“Had we given it our all—had we used all available tools to uncover the truth, undeterred by the onslaught of the president’s unique powers to undermine our efforts?” Weissmann writes in the introduction. “I know the hard answer to that simple question: We could have done more.” Elsewhere, he admits that, “like Congress, we were guilty of not pressing as hard as we could” for evidence. He calls a crucial passage of the Mueller report “mealymouthed”—an easy mark for Barr’s treachery. “Part of the reason the president and his enablers were able to spin the report was that we had left the playing field open for them to do so.”

Weissmann whined that Mueller and the Democrat hack lawyers working on the Russia probe were under constant threat of being fired by President Trump as Richard Nixon had fired Archibald Cox.

What a joke.

Mueller was an inferior in the Justice Department who was harassing the President of the United States with a fishing expedition based on a Hillary Clinton-funded dossier.

“The specter of our being shut down exerted a kind of destabilizing pull on our decision-making process,” Weissmann whined

Weissmann told George Packer of The Atlantic that Mueller let the American people down:

In our interview, I asked Weissmann if Mueller had let the American people down. “Absolutely, yep,” Weissmann said, before quickly adding: “I wouldn’t phrase it as just Mueller. I would say ‘the office.’ There are a lot of things we did well, and a lot of things we could have done better, to be diplomatic about it.”

And the investigation—was it a historic missed opportunity?

Weissmann’s reply was terse. “That’s fair.”

Weissmann, with his delusions of grandeur, compared himself to Ulysses S. Grant, the Union Army General who led his command to victory and was later elected US President – while attacking fellow special counsel lawyer Aaron Zebley.

Weissmann, a puny weasel, who is arguably one of the most corrupt government lawyers in the US, actually compared himself to Ulysses S. Grant. Let that sink in.

“Weissmann blames this persistent timidity on one of Mueller’s other top deputies, a lawyer named Aaron Zebley, comparing Zebley to George B. McClellan (and more zealous team members, including himself, to Ulysses S. Grant).”

One question for dirty Weissmann: If he is so proud of his work as Mueller’s top deputy and believes he is on the level of Ulysses S. Grant, why did he wipe at least 2 phones he used during the Russia probe?

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