WATCH: Shocking Night Of Destruction Followed The Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Decision (VIDEO)

After the grand jury decision on Breonna Taylor’s case was announced, Black Lives Matter protests turned into riots in the streets of Louisville.

Riots also broke out in other major cities that have experienced continued protests. A building started to burn in Portland and a police headquarters entrance was on fire in St. Louis.

Also in Portland a demonstrator shouted, “One fu*k up! White people, you get hundreds of fu*k ups and nobody gives a sh*t about yours! But people give so many sh*ts about mine!”

Officers in Louisville declared the protests as an unlawful assembly stating, “There will be officers here until you fully disperse. If you do not do so, we will release chemical agents and you may get arrested.”

Protestors were chanting, “Beronna Taylor”.

At that time rioters were throwing objects at the officers and an individual chanted ‘good one!’ as they were hitting the officers.

An officer on a loud speaker said, “This is the Metro Police Department. Under Kentucky state law, this is an unlawful assembly. We recommend all persons still assembled to immediately disperse. If you do not do so, we may disperse chemical agents and you will be arrested.”

As objects continued to be thrown, someone shouted, “Get em’! Fu*k em’ up!”

Rioters took little time to begin targeting local businesses in Louisville.

Rioters were seen knocking over umbrellas, chairs and tables over at a local business.

During that time someone yelled, “No, no, no, no, don’t vandalize it! No!”

In Denver, a crowd of rioters swarmed around a car yelling ‘get this mot*erfu*ker out of here!’ and things started to escalate as someone kicked the side of the car and the people inside drive off.

A Black police officer was confronted by 2 masked protested in Los Angeles who were pointing in the officers face and taunting him. Calling him a ‘bit*h’ as well as stating, “You nervous, ni**a? You a bit*h!”

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