WATCH: Man Gets Detained By Police, What Happens Next Is Incredible (VIDEO)

Officers detained a man who fit a description for a burglary and the individual, Griffin, had his phone live streaming the incident.

The officer first stated, “Hey buddy. You’re not in any trouble or anything. There is a burglary that happened. You kinda fit that description. Let me just make sure you’re not him. OK?”

The man responded, “I’m a veteran. I have my I.D.”

The officer continued, “Literally, they said white tank top, black shorts. And they said that you had a beard. All right. So I’m not saying if you, but it was a black male. Again, not saying it to you, buddy. “

The officer said, “Alright, buddy. Listen. Just bear with me, OK? Cause you fit the description. I’m not saying you’re guilty, but my Sergeant is telling me to detain you. That’s my sergeant.”

The man had his phone up saying, “I just had a daughter born two days ago. So I just have this on live.”

The officer asked, “It’s live? Do you mind setting it down here?”

The officer continued just making it clear to the man that he is going to be detained and not under arrest because he fits the description.

The man was asked by another officer what he was doing in the area and responded, “One of my homes, I own a couple homes down here.”

The officer continued to reassure the man, “Again, like I told you, you’re not. We’re not saying it’s you, but you fit the description. That’s why I’m detaining you. If it’s not you, we’re gonna cut you loose and you’re free to go. OK. But I just want you to see through us why, you know, literally, they stole something right now, and we just want to verify it’s not you. OK?”

The officers explained why there were so many of them on the scene.

One officer stated, “Sounding like wrong place, wrong time, man.”

The officer responded, “That’s what I was telling him. Literally, if he’s free to go. If he’s not the one, we’ll cut him loose.”

The detained man said, “I run this street all the time.”

The officer responded, “I can see you look like you’re in pretty good shape, so.”

The man stated, “Seven cop cars going, hey, everything going on it’s just a little bit scary.”

After the incident, the police department followed up with Griffin and offered him a job.

The officer stated, “So we appreciate you being very cooperative. Again this is not a race thing. So let’s not make it.

The man said, “You’re not white.”

The officer continued, “”Even if I was, I’m. Let me tell you, this agency is very, very amazing. And there are serious consequences for racial discrimination here. OK. I promise you that. Our chief takes it very seriously. We do not discriminate. You literally matched the description. We did a show-up.”

Another officer said, “I just want to say thank you for keeping a cool, good demeanor. We just got the picture finally from the witness. And I get why they went out with you for sure. Clearly not you. But the clothing description, everything matched. So obviously, these guys didn’t have that to go-. And so they just had a description, and that’s pretty good. Once we finally got the picture from the video surveillance stuff. Like that’s not him, get him out of here.”

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