WATCH: ‘Dreadhead Cowboy’ Stops Chicago Traffic On Horseback (VIDEO)

Self-proclaimed ‘Dreadhead Cowboy’ Adam Hollingsworth rode a horse for seven miles on the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago while advocating the message ‘kids lives matter’ and obstructing traffic with a posse of protesters.

Moments after Hollingsworth was cuffed and arrested, there were other activists ready to deliver a message.

One man stated, “We need the resources in our communities. Our children are dying. Our communities are dying. When will [Lightfoot] listen? When will the governor listen?”

A woman also shared, “When it comes to everything, we get the bottom of the barrel of everything. It’s not gonna happen no more. It’s time for things to change! We could keep saying it, but if we don’t start moving and doing it, nothing is gonna happen.

Another woman stated, “Nobody is listening to us. Only time you want to listen is when we do stuff that are radical. They’re hitting my page all day talking about animal cruelty. They’re crying out. Who is crying out for the cruelty in our neighborhood?”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has promoted Hollingsworth in the past dubbing him the ‘Census Cowboy’ to encourage people to take part in the census.

Mayor Lori Lightfood stated, “The [fictional] city of Gotham had a real difficult challenge. One of the things that the mayor there did is he called out and he sent out the distress signal to Batman. So, we are doing something similar for the census. And I’m happy to report I’m calling out the ‘Census Cowboy’.”

Mayor Lightfoot continued, “So if you see the Census Cowboy coming to your neighborhood, that’s not a good thing. That means you got to step up and do your part and make sure that you fill out the census. He’s going to be going to the 10 communities across Chicago that had the lowest census response rate. And it’s time to giddy up. Let’s do this, Chicago. Let’s make the Census Cowboy proud. Thank you very much. sir.”

Hollingsworth’s improperly outfitted horse suffered numerous injuries and is very likely to be euthanized according to two veterinarians on this case.

Chicago Animal Care and Control cited that the horse suffered from ‘extreme dehydration, overheating and [bloody] lacerations to its front legs’.

When the horse was being put into a trailer, that was when troopers noticed several injuries on the horse. An image below, shows the horse was bleeding from its left hoof.


Cook County Attorney Kevin Deboni stated, “It will never be able to be ridden again.”

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