VA: Voters Form Massive Lines For In-Person, Early Voting After Trump Encourages Healthy Americans To Go To Polls, Dems Tell Them To Vote By Mail [VIDEO]

The Democrats and their allies in the media have been attempting to frighten Americans for several months about voting in person over fears of contracting COVID. They’ve gone out of their way to push back on Trump’s claims about the potential for voter fraud, demanding that mail-in voting is a “safe and effective” option.

100 Percent Fed Up – President Trump has been very vocal about encouraging healthy voters to go to the polls, and not risk having their vote be lost or tampered with by people who may not want him to be re-elected.

Twitter, like Facebook, is doing their part to encourage voters to do the opposite of whatever Trump suggests. Every time President Trump tweets about skipping the mail-in voting and going to the polling places to vote in person, Twitter tags his posts with warnings, essentially arguing with the President, telling his followers that vote by mail is safe.

Trump also tweeted a message to VA voters, asking for their votes. He reminded them that their Democrat governor is coming after their guns and about Governor Northam’s unpopular support for late-term abortion and infanticide in his state.

Today, on the first day of in-person early voting in Virginia, citizens were seen forming massive lines, in spite of the media’s hysterical warnings about possible exposure to COVID related to in-person voting.

Although ABC News Senior Correspondent Mary Bruce didn’t show any of the interviews with voters, she claims voters told them that they are excited to vote and not taking any chances.

Here’s another video of voters in Fairfax, VA standing in line to vote because they don’t trust the mail-in system that’s been pushed by the Democrat Party, as “safe and effective.”

MSNBC and NBC correspondent Amanda Golden also shared long lines in Richmond, VA.

We’re guessing the voters are Trump supporters or CNN would have shown footage of voters saying their voting for Biden.

In addition to Virginia, early voting is taking place in several states today, including Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

With massive boat and car parades and spontaneous Trump rallies being held across the United States, the momentum is definitely on Trump’s side. Do you think the massive lines to vote in person are a good sign for President Trump?


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