Tommy Robinson Appeals to President Donald Trump: “Free Julian Assange!“

Guest post by Collin McMahon

British activist Tommy Robinson and German politician Petr Bystron recently met in England.

British patriotic activist Tommy Robinson has issued a dramatic appeal to President Donald Trump on the eve of Julian Assange‘s extradition hearing, which begins on Monday in Old Bailey Central Criminal Court in London.

German politician and frequent Gateway Pundit interview partner Petr Bystron (AfD foreign policy speaker) traveled to the UK Friday ahead of the Assange hearing and interviewed Tommy Robinson outside Belmarsh prison, the same maximum security prison where Robinson was held last year on trumped-up charges of “disturbing the peace” for reporting on a “Grooming Gang” mass rape trial.

“Between when I was brought into this prison and left this prison I only saw one other person: Julian Assange”, Robinson said. “I spent three months in total isolation, seeing no one. I know the damaging effect that had on me for just three months. Julian Assange has been here over a year.” Belmarsh is the UK’s top Maximum Security Prison, where only the highest level of murderers and terrorists are usually held.

Islam critic Robinson, who has survived several attempts on his life by Muslims while in prison on various trumped-up misdemeanors such as mortgage fraud or immigration violations, was kept in solitary confinement for his own safety: “I was totally separated. I had my own wing. I had an exercise yard, where I could walk around for 30 minutes a day. And Julian Assange’s window was there, so we could talk.”

Assange was on the health care wing at the time, where he wasn’t allowed to exercise, or to do the things other prisoners are, Robinson said. His mental state had suffered, according to Robinson: “We had good discussions, but after speaking to staff and shouting, I saw how his mental health has deteriorated. He was a mess. A total mess. Breakdown, crying.
But that’s totally to be expected. I only spent three months in total isolation. Isolation may sound easy, but they know it’s not. It’s a medical fact that solitary confinement is mental torture.”

Robinson pointed out Julian Assange is being held without charges, on extradition to the US only: “This man’s committed no violence. He’s not in here for a violent crime. He’s not even proven to have committed a crime. He spent over a year. I hate to think of the long-lasting effect his sentence would have had on that man. He wouldn’t be a human if he hadn’t already been broken.”

Tommy Robinson and Petr Bystron directed a dramatic appeal to President Donald Trump: “I watched what happened to his case and I expected Donald Trump to pardon him,” Robinson said. “I think a lot of people expected it. Free Julian Assange!”

Bystron agreed: “This is an appeal to Donald Trump. Free Julian Assange!”

Tommy called Assange “a political prisoner” in a UK jail: “What has happened to him in that prison is not right. It’s mental torture. And he’s been forgotten.”
Robinson had offered Assange to “organize the British public to come out in the streets,” while granting that “I bring some baggage with what I do.” Bystron has called Robinson “Europe’s most prominent political prisoner,” while the Israeli Prime Minister’s son, Yair Netanyahu, has also called Robinson a “political prisoner.” Just mentioning Robinson’s name will get you banned on Facebook and other social media, his videos are censored on YouTube and Google.

“I know the amount of mail he must receive – the prison guards told me he has his own room for the support he gets,” Robinson said. “But it’s no good getting support when you’re locked in a cell. He saw no way out. That’s what he was saying. They don’t ever want him to see daylight again.”

Bystron noted that the German government had not approved his travel, claiming Assange’s case was “not a foreign policy issue” – a ridiculous excuse regarding an Australian citizen under US extradition orders in a British prison after seeking refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy under (dropped) Swedish “rape” charges. “The establishment doesn’t want us here as the political opposition, reporting on Julian Assange. But we are here, and we will keep covering this story.”

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