Spoiled White Portland Protesters Harass Black Woman In SUV In The Name Of Racial Justice (VIDEO)

The brave and stunning Portland protesters were back out on the streets late Sunday night, marching through the traditionally black part of town, where they proudly surrounded a black woman in an SUV trying to get through. These heroic white saviors spent the better part of two minutes shouting obscenities at her, refusing to let her through, ordering her to back up and go the other way, and possibly even used a racist slur.

“Move, get out of the way,” she asks of the protesters. One screeching brat can be heard shrieking repeatedly in the background “BACKWARDS! YOU GOTTA GO BACKWARDS!!… TURN AROUND!” The black woman says that her brother was killed, and setting fires in the streets is violence. She pleads with the righteous guilty white kids to get out her neighborhood and go protest in the rich suburbs. “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” the black woman shouts, as the screeching brat continues “NO! YOU GO BACKWARDS! THERE’S PEOPLE STANDING IN THE STREET!”

More cucks converge on the scene and start blocking her from moving. One courageous white kid is wearing a shirt with the communist fist, with the words “No justice, no peace.” Because blocking black women from getting where they need to go is the key piece of justice reform that the world needs.

“TURN AROUND! GO!” shrieks the screeching brat, “I think you don’t know what you’re talking about,” shouts another, as the valiant vanguards of racial justice continue to tell the black woman that they know better how to advocate for her than she does.

The black woman accuses them of using racial and gender slurs toward her, though it’s difficult to hear it clearly in the video.

The lone black guy on the scene moves in to act as intermediary and keep the peace. “Now they see how ignorant this looks!” explains the black woman to the black dude.

“Stop pushing us with your car!” shouts one dauntless beta as the shrieking brat continues to order the black woman to turn around. “That’s the problem! That’s the communication issue! I’m not pushing you with my goddamn car! If I was pushing you with my car you’d be ran the fuck over!” shouts the black woman, as she starts to get out to confront the valorous white kids.

Of course this lovely scene is captured on video:


“You guys are out here antagonizing people, you don’t need to be out here,” says the black dude, after eventually convincing the spoiled suburbanites to let the woman through. The gallant heroes continue to give her guff as she’s allowed to pass through.

This is basically Portland in a nutshell.


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