‘Settle for Biden’ Campaign Slogan Catches On Among Apathetic Democrats

“Settle For Biden.”

That’s a new mantra from Democrats who just aren’t jazzed about the 77-year-old Democratic presidential candidate.

In 2016, many progressives who had supported Sen. Bernie Sanders in the campaign stayed home, choosing not vote rather than backing nominee Hillary Clinton. Progressives are not that happy this time around, either.

“You can vote for someone without supporting them. #SettleforBiden,” Jon Munitz, head of the Democratic media cooperative The Hill of Roses, wrote on Twitter.

There’s even a Twitter account for the movement, @SettleForBiden.

“We’re a grassroots group of former Sanders and Warren supporters working to unite our party around an imperfect candidate so we can get Trump out of office,” the account says.



“The Biden movement is a bet on Biden’s incompetence by the radical left so that they can come in like a Trojan horse and ruin America,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL” said Sunday on Fox News. “The reason the woketopians will settle for Biden is they will run roughshod over any potential Biden administration, and they’ll bring the policies that are failing in San Francisco and in Portland and in Chicago, and they’ll proliferate those around the country.”


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