Rochester Black Lives Matter Rioters Storm Restaurants, Break Glass, Flip Tables, Scream at Frightened Diners (VIDEO)

Black Lives Matter rioters in Rochester, New York, terrified diners on Friday night as they barged into restaurants, flipped tables, threw chairs, and screamed at random people.

A journalist at the scene tweeted that “the protesters in Rochester NY are ‘shutting down restaurants’, tables are broken, people running off scared.”

The “protest” started several hours before as a march, but quickly descended into something more sinister.

One of the loud mouthed delinquents was screaming at guests at the restaurant demanding that they leave and go home.

“There’s no need to run, nobody is hurting y’all. We’re just shutting the party down,” the obnoxious “protester” shouted as people flipped tables and threw chairs.

The rioters are “protesting” over the death of a man in police custody that took place in March.


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