Replacing Justice Ginsberg Must Happen Immediately — It Will Prevent Democrats from Stealing the 2020 Election

The news of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death came tonight.  The liberal justice was appointed by Clinton and has served for nearly three decades.  Already the discussion begins about when she should be replaced.

The Supreme Court Justice died Friday evening surrounded by family at her home.

What this now means is that the judge will be praised for her service and then given a burial.  Then President Trump and the Republican-led Senate will begin the process to fill the untimely vacancy to the nation’s highest court.

This is very tragic but we have to remember that the country must move on.  Also, with the Democrats changing the rules of the election in so many states, there are likely to be some very important cases that reach the Supreme Court.

For example, just this past week the following occurred related to the US census:

A rare three-judge district court panel unanimously decided on Thursday that President Donald Trump’s attempt to exclude undocumented immigrants from the U.S. Census-based redistricting process is “unlawful.”

The court ruled that while there is “no dispute that the President has ‘accustomed supervisory powers over his executive officers’” and “thus retains some discretion in the conduct of the decennial census and resulting apportionment calculation,” President Trump did not act “within the boundaries” of the “authority that Congress has granted.”

But as Law and Crime reports:

The quirky three-judge district court designation means that a direct appeal to the conservative majority Supreme Court is in play. It’s anyone’s guess as to how the high court would rule, but it’s worth noting that SCOTUS has thrown a high-profile wrench into the Trump administration’s census policy goals in the past.

The loss of Ginsburg results in the current makeup of the Supreme Court being 5 – 3 (originalists to progressives).  However, Chief Justice Roberts is a total wild card in the way he now votes.  So this makes the current makeup of the court in reality 4 – 4. When cases come to the court and the court rules in a tie, the lower court opinion is what becomes the law. 

With this election there are already expected Democrat actions to steal the election through voter fraud and other yet unknown tactics.   With the Democrats attempting to steal this election, the make up of the court is very important.  An additional justice who rules based on the law will prevent Democrats from stealing this election through unconstitutional and corrupt actions.

It’s time to get the Supreme Court back to interpreting the law and not making the law. 

This is why the now vacant Supreme Court Justice position should be replaced as soon as possible. 

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