President Trump Shreds Reporters For Asking Biden Softball Questions During Delaware Event, “Those Questions Were Meant For a Child” (VIDEO)

President Trump on Friday lambasted liberal reporters for treating Joe Biden with kid gloves on Friday.

77-year-old Joe Biden emerged from his basement Friday and shuffled over to a campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware.

The so-called ‘reporters’ or as we here at TGP like to call them ‘stenographers’ asked Joe Biden a series of softball questions.

The first question to Joe Biden came from Atlantic writer Isaac Dovere who asked Biden to respond to the junk hit piece on Trump (from 2018) written by…. The Atlantic.

Another reporter asked Biden: “There are people out there who are supporting you or are inclined to not vote for the president who would be inclined to say why isn’t Joe Biden angrier about all of this?”

President Trump called out the liberal reporters for treating Biden like a child.

“Those questions were meant for a child,” Trump said.


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