Portland Organization Gives ‘Black People or Families’ $150 Each to Leave the City Ahead of Saturday’s Proud Boy Rally

A Portland organization is giving black people and families $150 each to leave the city for the day ahead of Saturday’s Proud Boys rally at Delta Park.

The group is planning to fund the departure of 200 families, so they’re planning to drop about $30,000.

“Black Joy PDX weekend was organized by Brown Hope, which is part of the same group behind the Black Resilience Fund,” local station KATU reports.

The Proud Boys are a racially diverse men’s club that promotes Western Civilization and opposes leftist political violence.

KATU reports that the organization, which began as a GoFundMe to provide support to black residents of Portland, is “encouraging recipients to go out to eat outside of Portland, visit another community for a family outing or head to the coast.”

“This radical act is showing that as these folks try to use a weekend to disrupt the community we are building, we will not let them,” said Cameron Whitten, CEO of Brown Hope and co-organizer of Black Joy Weekend. “We are organized and we know how we can ensure our community stays safe, and how we continue to heal and build a better future for all of us.”

In August, a Black Lives Matter supporter nearly killed a member of the Proud Boys after a memorial for Aaron “Jay” Danielson, the Trump supporter who was murdered by Antifa in Portland.

The Gateway Pundit will be keeping an eye on Portland on Saturday and will be providing updates as the situation unfolds.


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