Portland Area “Leaders” Blame Trump And Strawmen “White Supremacists” For Nightly Riots, Refuse To Condemn Far Left Rioters

Whether they have their head in the sand and are oblivious to reality, or whether they are intentionally deceiving the public to score cheap political points, elected leaders from the Portland area respond to last night’s Presidential debate by blaming Trump and pretend “white supremacists” for the perpetual riots and destruction, while saying nothing of the far left antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists who are doing the actual rioting and committing other violent acts on a nightly basis.

Trump cited Portland numerous times throughout the debate, holding the once-beautiful city as an example of extreme left policies that have led to the city’s swift and steep downfall.

But the elected leaders can’t bear to blame themselves, their policies, or their antifa friends for the chaos, so they have to find some way to blame Trump.

Senator Jeff Merkley responded with these posts:



Governor Kate Brown continues the rhetoric:


Vichy “mayor” Ted Wheeler further attempted to appease the crazed leftist mobs, who have routinely targeted him at his home:

Congressman Earl Blumenauer chimed in with:



Here’s what the antifa-sympathizing “district attorney” Mike Schmidt has to say:

While at the same time, Schmidt is publicly defending his policy of not prosecuting actual violent leftists who have been terrorizing the city since late May.


Multnomah County “sheriff” Mike Reese, who is best known for releasing illegal aliens before they go on murder sprees and being a lackey for Bloomberg, doesn’t dare criticize the far left terrorists either. He’s apparently fine with the nightly riots and pro-antifa policies, as he jumps through the several hoops of mental gymnastics to blame Trump for all of the chaos.

Perhaps these brave and stunning “leaders” suffer from some form of Stockholm Syndrome or cognitive dissonance? Or maybe they are just caving in to the far left terrorists, afraid of what the violent mobs might do to them if they don’t say or do the right things to please the terrorists.

Meanwhile, in Realityland, just last night the Portland Police responded to yet another gathering of far left “protesters” who were getting ready for more rioting and violence, where they arrested three people, including two juveniles, and seized shields, helmets, gas masks, CO2 cans, and paintball guns, as well as soup cans that have been thrown at officers, from one of the rioters’ support cars, and they towed another support car that was driven by an uninsured driver that also contained several more items that are commonly used by the rioters. None of the people involved have been identified as Trump supporters, Proud Boys, or “white supremacists.”


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