Maduro Regime Releases Hundreds of Political Prisoners in Venezuela in Attempt to Keep Power in the Failed Socialist State

The political environment in Venezuela continues to escalate after the release of prisoners of conscience ordered by the Maduro Socialist regime.

Exclusively from Colombia, the deputy in exile Gaby Arellano says, “Maduro’s dictatorship made specific the release of political prisoners to give a veneer to parliamentary fraud.”

Arellano indicated that after this decision by the dictator was meant to keep power in his failed Socialist nation.

In August there were reportedly 384 political prisoners. The police, the military, and half of the people on the list are exiled politicians who are not mentioned among those released.

Maduro released the prisoners as a goodwill gesture that was requested by the Spanish government.

Gaby Arellano clarified that this was not a pardon but a liberation.

The political prisoners were kidnapped by the regime for political reasons.

Those released were never sentenced and were being held in prison for having opinions contrary to the socialist dictatorship.

Let this be a warning to the Western world.

Political Scenarios

In Venezuela it looks like there are three options for the immediate future.

** The people’s President Juan Guaidó considers maintaining administrative continuity in the assembly and deepening international pressure on the regime. Guaido  seeks to cause a financial asphyxia that allows the negotiation of free elections and the change of government as a structural solution.

** The opposition Capriles proposes participating in the elections and not losing parliament.  It consists of measuring forces in votes.

** Arellano reported that María Corina Machado called on Venezuelans not to participate in the fraudulent elections and considers the use of foreign force against the tyrant.

In contrast, Congressman Ricardo Aponte says that Juan Guaidó’s route is being discussed with all democratic factions. Agreements have been reached on the president-in-charge’s proposal and announcements will be released later today, on Thursday.

Aponte explains that these actions on popular consultation with Venezuelans are supported by the governments of the United States, the Lima group, and the European Union.

This does not change the reality of hundreds of Venezuelans who are still kidnapped, tortured and used as exchange tokens by the brutal socialist regime.

Crimes against humanity exist.

Venezuelans await the end of this socialist nightmare.


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